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The Sims Freeplay- Road to Fame Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 20 UNLOCKS: teen hobby TIME LIMIT: 7 days PRIZE: premium instruments

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

20140302-133445.jpgThis  quest unlocks at level 20 (once all previous quests have been completed) to create a Teen Idol called Road to Fame. For this quest you need a teen, but you can only have one teen sim who is the teen idol! This is the hobby for your teen sim which is great because now they actually have something to do!
You have 7 days to complete this quest if you want the premium instruments, you can still complete once the time is up but you won’t get the prize for completing in time.

The list of quests after you have a teen are:

  • Buy a stack of magazines- these can be found in the living room section buy mode
  • Make a teen read Teen Celebrity magazine- 3hrs (click on the stack of magazines and choose the teen celebrity option-only a teen can read this!)
  • Make a teen watch funny cat videos- 1hr (on the computer)
  • Send a Teenager to the park
  • Create a Plan to become famous- 6hrs (using the blackboard in the park on the pier)
  • Buy a keyboard (from buy mode in the teen section)
  • Write music (using the keyboard to find notes- cheapest keyboard takes an hour)
  • Write 3 pieces of music ( you have to find a new note to be counted as a piece of music)
  • Write 6 pieces of music
  • Write 9 pieces of music
  • Write 12 pieces of music
  • Write 15 pieces of music

It is a lot like the other hobbies, you unlock different instruments with each line of notes you find, the higher star level the instruments have the faster your sim will write music and find rare notes.

Once you’ve found all the keyboard notes you will unlock the bass guitar (cheapest takes 2 hours to make music) then when you have found all the bass guitar notes you unlock the drum kit and so on..

If you have unlocked the next instrument but can’t find it please contact EA to see if they can fix it!

You get the sim sign when you complete this quest!

You will find the sim town sign near the beach house by the estate agents- you need to upgrade it to get the chance to earn a bonus 200 in revenue. When you upgrade it to level 3 you unlock the teen idol mansion- the first one is free! To upgrade the sim sign you need to collect the pieces, to find these pieces you can redo the collection and when you finish a line you get a piece or you can find them randomly when you do an action!

simsignThis post explains the sim sign and the teen mansion!:

Prize: Premium Instruments

Is the prize worth it? NOTE the instruments you get as a prize are no longer free but they are 3 star instruments so you can complete a collection quicker without buying the 3 star instruments that cost LPs (but you could always do that and not worry about completing the quest in time!)

Where can I find them? In the teen section of the buy mode.

Costs: keyboard-6,000, bass-6,500, drumkit-6,000, guitar-6,200 and microphone-5,500

The post explaining this hobby can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

The next quest ages teens to adults, you can find the Adulthood quest post here:

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: I only do these quests twice (once on each device) I have done it twice now, if something changes I won’t know so please just politely tell me ALL of the tasks/ times that have changed so the post can stay up to date :) thank you.

© COPYRIGHT PROTECTED  .stealing is illegal.

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384 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Road to Fame Quest

  1. Thanks for the site, has been helpful many times! :) Do you know what is the highest level you can update the famous sim town sign?

  2. I completed the quest but am unable to name my town. It’s stuck I think help!!!

  3. Where can you buy a microphone?

  4. how do you contact EA for issues with the next instrument unlocking? I have tried looking all over their website and i can’t figure out how to just email them about it, they just keep making me go through a big multistep process that i don’t actually get to tell them anything

  5. How much time do all of the keyboards take. I don’t know if I want to spend lp on the other keyboards. I know the one star cost 650 simoleons. And that the two star cost 5 lp and the 3 star cost 10 lp. Is it worth it to buy a two star or three star keyboard. How long does it take for the two star and the three star to write a song. And does it have to be the one teen writing music or can you have multiple teens writing music using the keyboards.

    • I can’t afford to waste LPs on the 2 star keyboard but I have a 2 star mic which I’m basing this answer on: the 3 star definitely takes 30 minutes and I think the 2 star takes 1 hour like the one star!
      You can only have one teen idol

  6. Hi. What happens when your Teen Idol grows to an adult? Can you make a new teen start over the process?

  7. I completed the task in time but the premium instruments are no longer free :( they are . 5500-6500 each. Very annoyed as I wouldn’t have bought most expensive things if I had known! Hate it when they change things like that! The first teen mansion better still be free!!!

  8. Hi, i just got a road to fame quest, but it is only giving me 1 day and 12 hours to complete it. I am not sure why. Is it using a left over time from the previous quest? By the way, i find all your info very helpful. Thank you

  9. I cant access my home store.. all i can buy is stack of magazines.. nothing more.. please help.. im stuck..

    • This sounds like a technical issue so there isn’t anything I can do to fix this sorry, you will have to contact EA so they can fix it

    • This happened to me as well when the “Buy a stack of magazines” task came up for this quest – everything else was greyed out and all I could buy was that item. I just bought the magazines and then it went back to normal (i.e. I could buy other things again.) Just wanted to note this in case anyone else runs into this issue!

    • I’m experiencing this as well. Was yours resolved? If so, how? I tried doing what the commenter below suggested and just buying that magazines again but it didn’t work

  10. Can more than one teen work the Road to Fame Quest so that you can start task early?

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  12. How do you contact EA??

  13. Hello, I’ve been reading your sims post for awhile and I gotta say you’re really good at this! And quick to update. That’s really helpful. Ok, so my questions, when you buy a teen idol mansion can multiple people live in it? And if you age the teen can they still live in it? Thanks!

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  15. My game is stuck home store only has magazine stack available to buy but i need to buy keyboard any ideas to fix i

  16. When can other teens use the instruments?

  17. Your site is like the bible for all things sims related. GREAT job! Have you ever heard of a version of my sims freeplay where your simoleons, life points and social points value 1,962,934,272 each? This is the version I have. Can u offer any guidance? And I need another town to visit. The one that I can access doesn’t have so many of the things to help me complete my tasks. No pool, snow park, community centre, fashion design centre etc. Help?

  18. I Finish the quest and once I finish I went to put a new bed in one of my houses, but all I can buy is a stack of magazines. I have tried resetting the game but it’s still the same

  19. Hi something has gone wrong! I have completed all of the quests in Road to Fame and it won’t let me purchase anything other than what is in my inventory and the magazines. I’m Lvl 20

  20. hey, is it possible to go back and do quest that you’ve passed, I’m on level 31, however I hadn’t played for months and now that I’m back into it, things have happen in my town, a ton of quest yet I can’t seem to do them? Like the sim sign quest, I think there’s a high school and to age my older sims?! Can you help?

  21. Hi, do I have to keep my teen doing the task in order to get the objects needed for Sim sign? Didn’t know what the best route to take to up grade the Sim sign. Thanks.

  22. It looks like you actually can play instruments at a neighbor’s house to collect the notes – I just tried it as my neighbor has a three star drum set and it collected a new note once it was done!

  23. I can’t find the microphone, it’s not popping up in my hobby store…how can I contact EA

  24. My active task is to write 6 pieces of music. I have the first set, but every single time I play the keyboard, it keeps giving me the same three. My teen is on level 4 of the hobby. Do I have to play the guitar that I got when I completed the first set to start unlocking the next set?

  25. hello, I just finished the road to fame but now the ONLY thing I can buy are magazines in the homestore! Nothing else..

  26. Hi there,
    Im stuck after the quest road to fame
    I have complete the whole quest but my store is still greyed out. Someone a solution for this cuz i want to continu the game

    Greets jeffrey

  27. I have 2 teens a boy and a girl in my house. I purchased the magazine stack but neither one of them wants to read the teen celebrity magazine. Above their heads when I click on the teen celebrity magazine choice is a circle with a line through it and all they give is a ugh grunt. Anybody else have this issue?

  28. Hi, I see many other people have this issue that they can only buy a magazine stack, the rest is greyed. And yes, I did buy like 10 of them but it still won’t work! Very annoying, I can’t buy ANYTHING else. Is there a fix for it yet?

  29. I’m really struggling to collect the pieces for the sign. Have redone the instruments and didn’t get any. My idol hasn’t gotten any from any normal tasks either. I got one from the idol interacting with neighbours teens but even that took ages. I spent two hours doing the quick options and only one dropped. Any tips/tricks on how to get the sign pieces? Thanks :)

  30. The keyboard is not in the teen section of my home store. Did it move?

  31. Can u start them early if you don’t go to the house they’re at

  32. How long does it take to write 15 pieces?

  33. help! ever since i did this quest, I can’t seem to buy any furniture except the magazines. I’m already on level 27 but my furniture button is only allowing me to buy the magazines and nothing else. is there anyway i can fix this??

  34. Any fix to to only buying magazines after the fame to quest ?ive bought more magazines and nothing ..I’ve contacted ea and say I have to restart … I really don’t want please someone help

  35. Can our teen use our neighbor’s 3 star instruments to do this task? Or is it dependent on what we’ve purchased? Thanks in advance! Your site is so helpful!

  36. I did the road to fame guest 2 – buy a stack of magazine, after that I cannot buy another thing at home store, who can help me? The quest have time limit😭😭😭, but I need to buy another thing to finish the quest, please help

  37. According to the Sims Freeplay Facebook page, they are aware of the magazine issue and it will be fixed in a future update.

    I contacted them about it, and they said someone would be in touch as soon as possible. In the meantime, I am able to purchase teen idol instruments at the Promotions R Us building to work on the quest.

  38. Firemonkeys contacted me back and they were able to upload an older save. I can now access my save before the magazine problem.

    I recommend contacting them.

  39. None of my teens will start writing music on the keyboard I bought. They all just stamp their feet and wave their hands as if they’re refusing.

  40. The magazine issue has now happened to me… I have no idea how to contact ea games and I don’t have a facebook so I haven’t been able to save via “cloud” does this mean I have to restart ??! I’m on level 30 and doing teen idol quest I can’t afford to restart! Any help to find a way to get help without facebook ? -Thanks

  41. I’ve been doing the quest “WRITE 3 MUSIC PIECES ” i’ve been doing this for the whole day with a 3 star keyboard but I just found 2 for the whole day , is there a problem ?
    And for the magazine problem I’ve been through it yesterday. You just have to buy one stack of magazine and go to other sims house then go into the home store again

  42. Hello!
    I finished the Road to fame quest and I used LPs to upgrade the sign to level 1. But now even more LPs are needed to upgrade and though I have enough, if I continue upgrading to level 3, I will be left with no Lps. Please share some tips..or tell me how long did it take you to unlock the Teen Idol mansion, how many LPs did you use, etc. I hope I’ll get an answer. Thank you!!!

    • You need to do the teen idol hobby over and over to find the pieces you need for the sim sign but it takes forever without using LPs.
      I used about 100LPs to complete the sign so it only took a few months

  43. I’ve been on this quest for a long time, and I can’t seem to get past 83% please help

  44. I only see the keyboard not the the otherws

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