The Sims Freeplay- Road to Fame Quest


This is the new Sims freeplay Teen Idol quest called Road to Fame. For this quest you need a teen, but you can only have one teen sim who is the teen idol! This is the hobby for your teen sim which is great because now they actually have something to do!

The list of quests after you have a teen are:

  • Buy a stack of magazines- these can be found in the living room section buy mode
  • Make a teen read Teen Celebrity magazine- 3hrs (click on the stack of magazines and choose the teen celebrity option-only a teen can read this!)
  • Make a teen watch funny cat videos- 1hr (on the computer)
  • Send a Teenager to the park
  • Create a Plan to become famous- 6hrs (using the blackboard in the park on the pier)
  • Buy a keyboard (from buy mode in the teen section)
  • Write music (using the keyboard to find notes- cheapest keyboard takes an hour)
  • Write 3 pieces of music ( you have to find a new note to be counted as a piece of music)
  • Write 6 pieces of music
  • Write 9 pieces of music
  • Write 12 pieces of music
  • Write 15 pieces of music

It is a lot like the other hobbies, you unlock different instruments with each line of notes you find, the higher star level the instruments have the faster your sim will write music and find rare notes.

Once you’ve found all the keyboard notes you will unlock the bass guitar (cheapest takes 2 hours to make music) then when you have found all the bass guitar notes you unlock the drum kit and so on..

If you have unlocked the next instrument but can’t find it please contact EA to see if they can fix it!

If you complete the goals within the time you will get a prize of free instruments! And the sim town sign!

You will find the free instruments in the teen section-there is one of each instrument that you unlocked during the quest and they are all 3 star items!

You will find the sim town sign near the beach house by the estate agents- you need to upgrade it to get the chance to earn a bonus 200 in revenue. When you upgrade it to level 3 you unlock the teen idol mansion- the first one is free! To upgrade the sim sign you need to collect the pieces, to find these pieces you can redo the collection and when you finish a line you get a piece or you can find them randomly when you do an action!



Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

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      1. My teen idol is all the way to level 6. There is no bass guitar to complete the six songs. I have unlocked it but It’s not in the teen section of the home store and it’s not in the hobby store. How do I fix this??

  1. I don’t understand because Yesterday I just started the road to fame quest. I haven’t completed it (last quest read teen magazine) but today when I open my game. The quest won’t appear and the sims hill said that I completed it. Please help me.((((;゚Д゚)))))))

  2. So I’ve already finished the quest and I want to finish the grid again to get the cameo and the other reward required to level up the sim town sign but my teen won’t play the drums or guitar! I’ve already gotten all the notes for the mic, bass, and keyboard but he refuses to play those two! Do you now why?

  3. Hi. How long did it take for you to get all the pieces for the sign? I’ve been at it for hours and havnt got a single piece. :(

    1. I haven’t completed my sim sign yet- it takes forever! A way you could speed it up is by completing the teen music collection again, when you complete some of the rows of notes you can get a piece you need!

  4. Hi. Great blog. I have been trying forever to complete this quest and my teen just won’t make more songs. I have the “expensive bass, keyboard and drums” he plays constantly. What’s wrong? The quest is still there so I think I still have to complete it but if I EVER do will I still be able to get the sign and mansion too? Any help would be awesome. Thanks again

    1. I’m having the same problem trying to complete all the notes. And I also have the “most expensive” insturments you can purchase. I have been trying to get them all since this started months ago and it is really starting to aggravate me to tell you the truth. I just need 2 more notes to complete and have been trying for over a month now just to get those 2.. I’m irritated over this!

  5. my sims practice playing the guitar but it doesn’t become a hobby now i can’t complete the quest to practice playing in another town how can i make it become one of my sims hobby

      1. I didn’t complete the quest in time so I didn’t receive the prizes but am I able to get the resources by practicing on the prize instruments in a neighbors town to complete the sign? Or can I practice on the regular teen instruments at home to be able to upgrade the sign?

  6. Hi all. Two problems. Number 1, on the road to fame quest. I have all the notes but 1 singing note and every time I try to use the mic it doesn’t give me the last new note. What’s up???

    Second, it says I need to read celebrity magazine at neighbors but I look in all the houses and no magazine. What to do?? I don’t have enough LP to pass over it.

    1. Sometimes it takes a while to get a note, just be patient and keep trying you will get it eventually
      If your neighbour doesn’t have one then you can’t do this goal, you could find another neighbour who has it

  7. I’m on the road to fame quest. I have completed all the songs up to the vocal. My teen is level six, all I need is the microphone to finish getting the last three songs. But I can’t find it anywhere! It’s unlock but it’s not in the teen section or promotions r us like the rest of the instruments are. Someone help. Pleaseeee

  8. I wrote like 10 songs on the piano and like 10 songs on the guitar but I still can’t get past the part that says write 6 pieces of music……what should I do :0

  9. I finished this quest just today but I can’t seem to find the teen idol house or whatever it’s called. There’s nothing in there except the 2 story unfurnished house & the 3 story. No teen idol house. Why?

  10. Ive been singing on a level 2 mic for 2days now i have one day left to complete the teen idol challenge…i notice in the hobby part she not leveling up im half way two level five (hobbies) and i have one song left to unlock but nothings happening im just stuck! Any suggestions???

  11. I’ve been tryin to complete the road to fame and I cannot find the microphone it doesn’t show up in the hobby shop or teen section I’m stuck I’m 90% done but can’t to anything at all getting crazy frustrated with it I keep checknf to see from time to time if it’s there and it never is. Can’t completely the other task to move one… At a loss what should I do?

    1. So you have definitely found all the other notes and unlocked it? Lots of people have this problem so I think it’s a glitch, I don’t know what to suggest sorry, maybe contact EA and let them know?

      1. Yea I only have 3 notes to unlock and I have the check where the microphone is but when I look for it it does show up.. I figured it must be 😣 thanks for the reply!

    1. Go to the menu on the right hand side, go to the hobbies tab and go down to the teen idol sim, click on the blue circle image and the collection will appear, you can see what you need from there

  12. My teen quest is says I have 3 more notes to find..ive completed all and now almost done with the the other sets ..hope that made also on level 6 on teen music hobby…but its stays at “3 more notes left” and ive gotten 9 notes after that…what happened?

    1. So it says you have 3 notes left you need to find? If you look at the collection it will show you how many you have left. Multiple finds of one note don’t count as a new note

      1. Ive completed the whole set…then it said if I wanted to start a new set…and ive got one left for vocals then im done again for the second time..but yet it still says 3 notes left since the first set (guitar, drums, keyboard, mic)

      2. I need one left (back up vocal) for the photo shoot. ..and the im done with all again. ..and it stays on 3 notes left..

  13. Help needed,my sims are full but some of them are walking like zombies.I have done everything but nothing helps. Please help.

  14. My sims (some) are walking like zombies. I have given them baths, fed them etc but nothing changes. Help please.

  15. I am so frustrated. I have been on the then idol quest for months! I want to skip it all together! I’m not finding anymore anything! What can I do? This is the only rant and rave I have I want to quit!!! Help

    1. What are you trying to get? Have to unlocked all the instruments yet?
      I can’t really tell you how to do it because it’s random, you will get them eventually you just have to keep at it, it’s a bit strange that you have been on it so long though, maybe it’s a glitch, try contacting EA to see if they know what’s up

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