The Sims Freeplay- Adulthood Quest

This is quite a big update for sims freeplay, not only can we not make teens into adults but adults can turn into seniors!

But firstly we need to complete the adulthood quest! You have 6 days to do this and some of the tasks are annoyingly quite long! So let’s get started!

If you complete these goals you will receive an expanded wardrobe with new hair, clothes and other stuff!

  • Send a sim to the park
  • Rearrange chessboard (in the park)- 8hrs
  • Hide in park toilet (completes goal when you click on the option)
  • Bring a second sim to the park
  • Continue playing chess-4 hrs
  • Ridicule another sim- 3hrs 12mins
  • Stare vacantly into the park fountain- 1 day
  • Dance to electronica in the park- 5 hrs (using boombox on pier)
  • Have 3 sims in the park
  • Complain to another sim- 1 min
  • Mock another sim- 1 day
  • Grill em all on a BBQ- 6hrs 30 mins (depends on what star BBQ you use)
  • Call a sim to the swim centre (make sure thy aren’t busy, go to the swim centre, click the whistle on the sim tracker)
  • Use the slide at the swim centre- 7 secs
  • Drink energy drink at the swim centre- 30 mins (using vending machine)
  • Ridicule the trophy case at the swim centre- 1 day
  • Send a sim home (use the whistle)
  • Watch the news- 3 minutes
  • Confess to a sim- 30 minutes
  • Clean up trash- 16 hrs (in the park)
  • Have 5 sims dance to a park stereo (completes instantly)

This is all the goals, you can find the expanded wardrobe in the create a sim menu, don’t worry if you don’t complete it in time to get the expanded wardrobe, you will still be able to age your sim!

You can find the seniors quest post here:

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

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