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The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest


20140302-133445.jpgThis quest unlocks at level 23 and brings old people to your sim town! You have 3 days to complete these goals if you want to unlock the exercise bike, and 3days isn’t long enough, seeing as most of the goals need to be done by 1 sim and 4 goals are a day long! I think its ridiculous the amount of time they have given us to do this quest! It seems to be just a way to pressure you to buy LPs with real money and I don’t think that is fair! UPDATE: you lucky people doing it now have 6 days!

NOTE: you can still complete the goals after the 3 days are up you just won’t get the exercise bike!

  • Send a swim to the swim centre
  • Feed the pigeons- 2 secs
  • Investigate the pigeons- 7 minutes
  • Wait for senior on park bench- 3 minutes 20 secs
  • Investigate the door in the park- 10 secs
  • Welcome senior sim- 5 secs
  • Talk to senior- 1 minute
  • Stand on the x- 4 secs
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Warn simanity on a soap box- 1 day (you need to do this with the same sim as the one that created the future self)
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Search garbage for cupcake- 15 minutes
  • Search garbage for cupcake of doom 2- 30 minutes
  • Dispose of cupcake- 25 secs
  • Send present sim to the park
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Dance with future self- 10 seconds
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Visit snow park
  • Go ice skating (devoted dance) -1 day
  • Snowball fight at snow park- 2 hrs
  • Talk to the senior- 1 minute
  • Build the bingo hall- 36 hours!?
  • partake in 24 hour fishathon- 1 day
  • Complain to future self- 1 minute
  • Get 5 sims together in a house
  • Woohoo with a sim- 5 minutes
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute

This is all the goals! Now you can age sims to seniors- but you will need a birthday cake! Good luck completing in 3 days- I didn’t manage it but if you really want the exercise bike you can buy it for real money in the store once you complete the quest if you didn’t unlock it. If you were lucky enough to unlock it you can find it in the electronics section for 15,000.

The next quest is the bird feeding quest to unlock the hobby, you can find that post here:

Thanks for reading!

This post explains seniors so you know exactly what they do!:

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

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264 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest

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  2. For me, both of the cupcakes took about 45 minutes. Why is that?

  3. For me it took a lot shorter of a time for my sim to find the cupcakes. Right now, my sim is at the figure skating rink doing her devoted dance, but I chose a teenaged sim instead. Is that alright or does it have to be done with the same sim that you created the future self with?

  4. Also, I see how many people are complaining about how they were only given three days to complete this quest. They have probably changed it like a lot of people are saying because I was given 5 days and 12 hours or something like that. I still have 2 days 12 hours left, I am building the bingo hall and I have about 19 hours of that left.

  5. My sim future suddenly disappear from the machine thingy at the park and he haven’t come back yet. And i just finish warm simanity on the soap box tast. What do i do?

  6. Can anyone tell me the goals involved with the ghost hunters quest?

  7. Can you use you’re neighbors snow park? I haven’t built it yet…

  8. Can you use a neighbor’s snow park?

  9. They now gove you nearly six days to do this quest, I just started it.

  10. No offence but when I got the quest day gave me 6 days to finish not 3 days

    • Yes and when I created this post we only had 3. Seeing as on each post I write at the bottom ‘please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change’ I don’t see why I should have to constantly update each quest list when they decide to change something small, I just don’t have the time.

  11. Hi! I have a quick question that probably seems stupid, but how do I dispose of a cupcake?

  12. my senior sim vanished , and didnt come back . i have waiting for a weeks .

  13. partake in 24 hour fishathon- 1 day How to do that i need to do it with senior sim but i dont have one because i need to finish the main quest first but i have to finish this to finish the main quest so i cant do anything :( stcuked

  14. This isn’t apart of the seniors quest but how do I find treasure with a neighbors dog if they don’t have a dog!?

  15. How much does the bingo hall cost?

  16. bingo hall can only be build AFTER you completed the senior quest? cause that’s what the “construction requirements” state

  17. Thanks for all the hard work you put into helping us! Have a great day! What level is your city, just curious…and I’m sorry if you already posted this.

  18. You have helped me for all the quests till now…. Thank ypu so much… tc..:-D

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  20. Hi, I thought devoted dance was 12 hours or is it 24 hrs cuz of the quest? plus can I start that early? Will it count?

  21. Hi im on level 14 and i didnt unlock the quest were u can age ur baby.. Can i still do this and how, i need a preeteen for my next goal help???

  22. I have not started this quest yet but do I need to build the snow park to complete this?

  23. Hi I have been doing the devoted dance for about a month now and it won’t let me finish the quest I think. I keep doing devoted dance and all it does is gives me the little prizes I’ve accomplished but it doesn’t let me move on to the next task. Please help!! :)

  24. What do I have to do for partake in a 24hour fishathon

  25. Hi, I was wondering if I could start the 24 hour fishathon early?

  26. Hi, I have 2 questions : 1) Build bingo hall cost how many simoleon
    2) It will take 36 hours, this time is default or varies

  27. Where is the bingo hall supposed to go? I don’t see a spot for it.

  28. Is the prize even worth it ?

  29. Hi How much does the bingo hall cost to build. I just built the snow park for 300,000 so I’d like to know roughly how much I need to save up

  30. I haven’t played in awhile and I downloaded it again. I’m on level 27 and haven’t completed the senior quest which was supposed to be done on level 21 is there a way I can complete the quest?

  31. How do I dispose of cupcake? I’m on the seniors quest?

  32. Finish bingo hall but cant play bingo. Needs senior sim. But cant have senior sim since i havent finished the quest. How can i finish the quest since one of its step is to have a senior to play bingo?

  33. I was on this quest, just finished the ‘be nice to future-self’ action when the game suddenly crashed. When I tried to open the game again, it crashed on the load. I’ve rebooted my device several times, but it seems that I couldn’t get further than the logo screen :( Do you have any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  34. How do I get started with a quest? I am on level 43 . When the quest became available I was already past the level the quest came out in .

  35. Can i complete the ice skating part at a neighbors snow park rather then mine and still be successful ?? Because i haven’t actually built mine yet lol, iv been lazy. Thanks!

  36. There are no pigeons at my swim center! How do I find them?

  37. Hey hi! How do you feed the pigeon? I went to the swim center, there is only an option to watch pigeons (9 hours).

  38. How do you get past the seniors quest….i mean this is the 3rd time I’ve had to reinstall my game its frustrating me BC everytime I have to complain to a senior it glitches and won’t let me back into my game….do you know anyway to possibly fix this so I don’t have to start over yet again …..if you do that would be great and if you don’t thanx for reading anyway …….but readers beware of the senior quest glitch

  39. How do I unlock senior quest? I already at level 32

  40. Hi!..can i do the fishaton while building the bingo hall?say when there’s already less 24 hours left building it?i’m trying my best to finish the quest in time coz unfortunately i’m still building the snow park right now..thanks in advance..😚

  41. how bout the snowball fight?

  42. I was really hoping I would get the exercise bike but it’s going to take me forever to finish this quest.

  43. What do you think??? Should I spend LPs to get the exercise bike??

  44. How much do the bingo hall cost ??

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  46. hi, can I use 2 different sims in this quest ? like, one is looking for cupcake and the other it’s in the snow park
    thanks :)

  47. I didn’t finish it in time coz I had to build the snow park too that took 62h + 36h bingo hall + 3 day’s of other things =impossible

  48. Can I start the 24 h fish marathon while building the bingo hall?

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