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The Sims Freeplay- Road to Fame Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 20 UNLOCKS: teen hobby TIME LIMIT: 7 days PRIZE: premium instruments

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

20140302-133445.jpgThis  quest unlocks at level 20 (once all previous quests have been completed) to create a Teen Idol called Road to Fame. For this quest you need a teen, but you can only have one teen sim who is the teen idol! This is the hobby for your teen sim which is great because now they actually have something to do!
You have 7 days to complete this quest if you want the premium instruments, you can still complete once the time is up but you won’t get the prize for completing in time.

The list of quests after you have a teen are:

  • Buy a stack of magazines- these can be found in the living room section buy mode
  • Make a teen read Teen Celebrity magazine- 3hrs (click on the stack of magazines and choose the teen celebrity option-only a teen can read this!)
  • Make a teen watch funny cat videos- 1hr (on the computer)
  • Send a Teenager to the park
  • Create a Plan to become famous- 6hrs (using the blackboard in the park on the pier)
  • Buy a keyboard (from buy mode in the teen section)
  • Write music (using the keyboard to find notes- cheapest keyboard takes an hour)
  • Write 3 pieces of music ( you have to find a new note to be counted as a piece of music)
  • Write 6 pieces of music
  • Write 9 pieces of music
  • Write 12 pieces of music
  • Write 15 pieces of music

It is a lot like the other hobbies, you unlock different instruments with each line of notes you find, the higher star level the instruments have the faster your sim will write music and find rare notes.

Once you’ve found all the keyboard notes you will unlock the bass guitar (cheapest takes 2 hours to make music) then when you have found all the bass guitar notes you unlock the drum kit and so on..

If you have unlocked the next instrument but can’t find it please contact EA to see if they can fix it!

You get the sim sign when you complete this quest!

You will find the sim town sign near the beach house by the estate agents- you need to upgrade it to get the chance to earn a bonus 200 in revenue. When you upgrade it to level 3 you unlock the teen idol mansion- the first one is free! To upgrade the sim sign you need to collect the pieces, to find these pieces you can redo the collection and when you finish a line you get a piece or you can find them randomly when you do an action!

simsignThis post explains the Sim Sign And Teen Mansion in more detail

Prize: Premium Instruments

Is the prize worth it? NOTE the instruments you get as a prize are no longer free but they are 3 star instruments so you can complete a collection quicker without buying the 3 star instruments that cost LPs (but you could always do that and not worry about completing the quest in time!)

Where can I find them? In the teen section of the buy mode.

Costs: keyboard-6,000, bass-6,500, drumkit-6,000, guitar-6,200 and microphone-5,500

The post explaining this hobby can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

The next quest ages teens to adults, you can find the Adulthood quest post here:

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: I only do these quests twice (once on each device) I have done it twice now, if something changes I won’t know so please just politely tell me ALL of the tasks/ times that have changed so the post can stay up to date :) thank you.

© COPYRIGHT PROTECTED  .stealing is illegal.

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462 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Road to Fame Quest

  1. I’m currently at this quest (Road to fame) and i can’t buy anything else than magazines in home store. please help.

  2. Just wondering. I have completed the road to fame quest and the teens to adults. But if I take the teen idol and age her upto an adult will that make it so I need another teen idol when the mansion opens?. Do I need the teen idol for anything else in the game later on?

  3. How much does the teen idol mansion cost or is it free when you complete the quest?

  4. I’m in the middle of the quest. I have done more than six notes on the piano and the bass guitar. Does it have to be six straight notes using the same instrument or I have to use just the guitar. Because I’ve been stuck on this quest for a day and the piano only takes an hour and the guitar only takes two.

    • you need to find all 3 notes using the keyboard once you have done that stop with the keyboard and move to the bass you then need to find all 3 different notes on the bass, as it is 3 notes for each instrument ,it doesn’t count if you find the same one twice.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for creating this site. Has to take a lot of time! I use it almost daily and I really appreciate all of your input.

  6. how do i Contact EA to ask about why my electric guitar is not available after i completed the drums?

  7. where can i go to upgrade the and game so i can build the mall

  8. I can’t find chalkboard on pier. Was there a challenge I missed to get it

  9. Silly question, I have found all three notes on the keyboard, bass, guitar and drums but the microphone hasn’t appeared in the teen shop. Is there something else I need to do?

    • have you definitely found all 3 notes on the guitar?
      if you have you may need to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you.

      • I love this game…but I am beginning to lose interest. I was completing the teen idol quest as I said before. I was 83 percent complete with 3 days left and needed the electric guitar to continue. But the electric guitar never appeared. I contacted ea and they took a very long time to contact me. In the mean time I tried to complete the quest using lp points which was such a waste because the notes are random. I was also skeptical in using any more lp points because the microphone would probably not appear after buying the notes for the electric guitar. I continued to contact ea which after much messages…they basically did not believe me about what I did. First they told me that I am not updated..which I was..then they told me that I do have the electric guitar in the screen shot which I did not. It’s been a month now and I am still unable to complete the quest.
        This is not fair!

      • could you email me the screenshot thegirlwhogames @ hotmail . co. uk (no spaces) and I will see if I can help you

  10. My 15 note task did not clear and I restarted the collection.

  11. I’m on the teen idol quest. My teen has been practicing on the microphone for over a week now but it won’t unlock anything but the vocal melody. Do I need to buy a more expensive microphone? I didn’t have this problem on any of the other levels.

  12. the teen idol can be of any gender right?(´ . .̫ . `)

  13. Can i use more than one teen here?

  14. If i didnt complete this on time i cant upgrade the simstown sign? Or i still get it but not with the instrument or i cant upgrade it

  15. Please help me… i’ve been trying to write music and I’m only getting three songs. lol
    And i’m using the 3 star keyboard.
    What can i do??

  16. Do you think I should buy a more expensive set of instruments because I can save up and I don’t like my teen busy all the time. Because I can save my lp for more instruments. Thanks

  17. where do I get the electric guitar from it hasn’t appeared after I have found all the notes off the drum kit. this is starting to annoy me as I have been in the quest for 2 or more weeks. please help!

  18. Hi I have been trying to make my sim write 3 pieces of music for like 3 days now and all I get is the Ballard do you think it is a bug? Or do I need to do more to fix it

  19. What’s the time on each instrument and what’s the time on the two and three star instruments?

  20. I spent all of my 27lps now I have 0 lps😭. also I have 5 days but I cannot finish the last row to get the Lightning I also don’t have more Lps and I don’t buy what can I do !!!!

  21. Hi! I’m just wonderingly, did you use lp to get your teen idol mansion? If you did, about how much did you use? Thanks! :)

    • I did use loads of LPs to build the sim sign, I think I used over 100 but I didn’t count :P it takes forever to complete if you don’t use LPs.

      • this is just what I did, but what I found out is that it is much faster to just keep having Your teen idol help swooning fan , take pictures, or sign autographs To another teen sim in order to get the resources to build the sign. it only takes a few seconds at a time and I just kept doing that to collect the resources. I got more resources in half the time it takes to play the instruments. And I didn’t need to use lp to speed up actions or for the random Spin. If playing The instruments is taking. To long here’s a faster way without Having To use as many lp. (:

  22. I should have saved up for getting the sim sign but now!!! I am trying to cook but the one minute option is not easy!!!
    P.S:do you know when the royal castle update is coming!!!

    • I think the cooking hobby is really easy once you have completed it for the first time
      No I don’t, I don’t get told, I have to wait like everyone else to find out but I think it will probably be some time this week

  23. I’m on the unlock the sign task (teen idol) and he is refusing to play any of the instruments now, what is his problem?

  24. Can we use different teenagers at a time to find notes?

  25. This time, I have a question. I’m just about to get the teen idol mansion. My question is, once I do that, (i will have completed the quest, upgraded my teen sim to level 6 in the teen idol hobby, upgraded the sign to level 3, and recieved the mansion,) will I be able to have more than one teen sim play the instruments now? Or is that always just for the teen idol? I sure hope not, because I would really like to make a band with my four teen sims. :/

  26. Please help why does the link to free LP’s in the active task box keep saying “sorry this offer has expired”? I click on it as soon as I see it? Thanks in advance.

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