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The Sims Freeplay- Adulthood Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 21 UNLOCKS: teens ageing to adults TIME LIMIT: 6 days PRIZE: expanded wardrobe

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

20140302-133445.jpgThe adulthood quest unlocks at level 21!  (all previous quests needs to be completed first) You have 6 days to do this!

If you complete these goals within the time limit you will receive an expanded wardrobe with new hair, clothes and other stuff!  If you don’t complete in the time limit you can still complete the quest, you just won’t get the prize.

Times may vary, depending on the star rating an item has.

  • Send a sim to the park
  • Rearrange chessboard (in the park)- 2 minutes
  • Hide in park toilet (completes goal when you click on the option)
  • Bring a second sim to the park
  • Continue playing chess-5 minutes
  • Chuckle at another sim- 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Stare vacantly into the park fountain- 1 day 20 minutes
  • Dance to electronica in the park-  4 minutes (using boombox on pier)
  • Have 3 sims in the park
  • Complain to another sim- 1 minute
  • Mock another sim- 2 minutes
  • Grill em all on a BBQ- 7 hours
  • Call a sim to the swim centre
  • Use the slide at the swim centre- 5 seconds
  • Drink energy drink at the swim centre- 30 minutes (using vending machine)
  • Ridicule the trophy case at the swim centre- 1 day
  • Send a sim home (use the whistle)
  • Watch the news- 4 minutes
  • Confess to a sim- 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Clean up trash- 16 hours 20 minutes (in the park)
  • Have 5 sims dance to a park stereo (completes instantly)

This is all the goals, you can find the expanded wardrobe in the create a sim menu, don’t worry if you don’t complete it in time to get the expanded wardrobe, you will still be able to age your sim!

Prize: Expanded Wardrobe

Is the prize worth it? You seem to get one outfit for male teens and some different coloured hair and some outfits for female teens.


Most of the new outfits and hair are for adults (they are all clothes that have been available for teens)



Where can I find them? In the wardrobe

Costs: free

The next quest is Ghost Hunters

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: Last updated during the baby steps 2015 update.


.stealing is illegal.

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298 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Adulthood Quest

  1. Hi! I have 2 questions.
    When I’m done with this quest, will there be an adult tab like there is for the preteens?
    And I’ve noticed my neighbors have a vanity desk. Where can I buy one ?
    Thank you – love your blog!! :)

    • No there isn’t an adult tab in buy mode once you finish this quest
      The vanity was a gift a while ago, you can’t buy it now, but they might bring it back one day!
      You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it :)

  2. Do we have to clean up all the trash at the park? Or only one?

  3. How can I make my teenage who grew up to an adult Sim move out of her parent’s house?

  4. Hi, is it possible to do all of the activity’s without using life points? If so how much do you need to skip? Thank you, in love your blog! :-) :-) :-)

  5. When you change the teen sim to an adulthood sim do they still have the same clothes or do they have adult clothes?

  6. Can I finish this quest without LPs in the time frame?

  7. Hi girl who games, I’m a big fan! I have three questions; how much time can you have to spare in this quest? And when you want to move your adult sim out of their parents house, does it cost money? And if you have two teenage sims at the serious date stage, what stage will they be at as adults?
    PS I love your blog SO much, it’s really helpful! Xx

    • Thanks!
      1. I have roughly worked it out that you will have at least 2 days to spare
      2. Yes it will, it costs S5,000 to relocate an existing sim
      3. They will be good friends when they age
      I’m glad it helps! Sorry about the late reply!

  8. Hi- love your blog! When it says clean up trash in the park, do you have to clean up all of the trash in the park? Thanks in advance. 😀

  9. Do i need birthday cakes for this quest to make them turn in to adulte

  10. I was wondering if you have to age a sim on this quest? I’ve read all of what needs to be done above in your post, it doesn’t appear to look that way but, I thought I’d ask just in case… I love your blog and read it periodically :-)

  11. I’m having a hard time with getting the 5 sims to dance in the park. I get them there (all ages) but no radio to be found for them to dance to. Please help!

  12. Where is the radio?

  13. Hi. Do Yu HAV 2 clean all the rubbish or can just one sim do 1? :?s

  14. Ok so I see a lot of people talking about starting stuff early. What is exactly is that? Can you explain it to me?

  15. Hi, I was just asking if you knew the other stuff they include in the extended wardrobe because my game has all of those styles
    Thanks 😃

    • I’ve just updated the post, hopefully that helps (seems that most of the clothes you get when I completed this the first time are available now before you complete the quest)

  16. If I have 2 teens who are serious dating, when I change them to adults, will their relationship status remain the same or go all the way back down to acquaintances?

  17. Hi! You’re blog helps me so much! I’m stuck on the task where it says use slide, only my toddler can go on it and the task doesn’t get completed! :( plz help!!

  18. Does this quest automatically make one of my teens become an adult? I like them as teens and I’m not ready for the change, but I want to move on to other quests

  19. I just started playing sims again and I’m at level 35 with can’t I get the adulthood quest

  20. Is it possible to skip this quest? And if I were to do that would they still age and die? Your blog is my go to site for all sim questions! You are awesome! Really appreciate all your info!

  21. Hi, how can i complain to another sim, mine doesnt seem to have the option to complain. Thanks! :)

  22. I can’t find the “Love is in the Air” quest. Where is it?

  23. Hello & thanks for all you do. 😍 I quit playing Sims freeplay after they forced us to kill them, but I started again, recently, in hopes that it had been changed to an option. Since it hasn’t, I was wondering if I could just stop doing main quests after the ghosthunters quest or does the game not allow that as an option? Thanks again for your generosity and patience. 💋

    • You’re welcome!
      Yes you can stop at whatever point you want, the quest will still be there for you to complete but you don’t have to do it, but remember to stop before you get to the life dreams quest because if you start the quest your sims will age and die :)

  24. Hi! I really love your blog it is very very helpful!!! Can I ask if they frequently change their sets of clothes, because when I started not that long ago, there were skirts in the start up(?) where you design your sims with clothes, it doesn’t have skirts anymore its all just plain pans/slacks/leggings. Thanks! Keep making them helpful guides!!!

  25. If you don’t finish in time will the added wardrobe items be for sale? (Love your blog btw☺️)

  26. Can teenagers and preteens date on this game

  27. I have 2 teens who are dating and I know that if I age them to adults,they ‘ll be good friends.Can I make them date again?Btw I love your blog and sorry and it helps me a lot♥

  28. For Ghost Hunters – the rest of the quest is the same. I’ll tell about seniors next tomorrow


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