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The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 23 UNLOCKS: seniors TIME LIMIT: 6 days PRIZE: exercise bike

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

This quest unlocks at level 23 and b20140302-133445.jpgrings old people to your sim town! You have 6 days to complete these goals if you want to unlock the exercise bike.

NOTE: you can still complete the goals after the 6 days are up you just won’t get the exercise bike!

  • Send a sim to the swim centre
  • Feed the pigeons- 2 secs
  • Investigate the pigeons- 7 minutes
  • Wait for senior on park bench- 14 minutes
  • Investigate the door in the park- 10 secs
  • Welcome senior sim- 5 secs
  • Talk to senior- 1 minute
  • Stand on the x- 4 secs
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Warn simanity on a soap box- 1 day
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Search garbage for cupcake (kick over trash can first) 15 minutes
  • Search garbage for cupcake of doom 2- 30 minutes
  • Dispose of cupcake- 25 secs
  • Send present sim to the park
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Dance with future self- 10 seconds
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Visit snow park
  • Go ice skating (figure skate) -12 hours (you need to use the ice rink at the snow park)
  • Snowball fight at snow park- 2 hours
  • Talk to the senior- 1 minute
  • Build the bingo hall- 36 hours (about S200,000)
  • partake in 24 hour fishathon- 1 day
  • Complain to future self- 1 minute
  • Get 5 sims together in a house
  • Woohoo with a sim- 5 minutes
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute

This is all the goals! Now you can age sims to seniors- but you will need a birthday cake!

This post explains seniors so you know exactly what they do!:

Is the prize worth it? Yes, its a nice item, not just for seniors, adults and teens can use it too! You can find it in the electronics section and costs 9,000 each.

Thanks for reading!

The next quest is the Bird Feeding quest to unlock the hobby, you can find that post here:

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: I only do these quests twice (once on each device) I have done it twice now, if something changes I won’t know so please just politely tell me ALL of the tasks/ times that have changed so the post can stay up to date :) thank you.


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483 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest

  1. How do I get a seΓ±or to the bingo place

  2. I haven’t built the snowparck yet and I am on level 29 ! What do I do? I don’t have enough money ! So what exactly do I do?!

  3. I don’t get the option for devoted dance when I click on the ice rink, just figure skate 12 hours. Am I missing something or for are they the same thing?

  4. Hi, how much does it cost to build a bingo hall? Thanks

  5. Every time I try to click on the dark spots at the ice hockey rink it only gives me the option to figure skate and not devoted dance, what should I do?

  6. How much does the bingo hall cost

  7. Why can’t I do the devoted dance on the ice rink? Only option is figure skate for 12 hours

  8. I just started the elderly quest and now every time I try to get back into my game it goes to the home screen. Any idea how to fix it?

  9. It won’t let me get the option for the devoted dance. What do I do?!?

  10. Is the bingo hall free or do you have to pay? If so,how much is it?

  11. Can I go visit the snow park in another town because I dont have a snow park

  12. How do you age them? Is it the same as always? Bake a cake and stuff?

    P.s I love your blog!!! πŸ’™

  13. Can i start the 24 hour fishaton early? Like when i am building the Bingo Hall?? :)

  14. Dang! Should have read this before. Didn’t know I needed the snow park. Now I have to raise money to build it haha… Oh well, guess I don’t get the exercise bike. :P

  15. They have updated it so the 12 hour option is the only one now and its called figure skating

  16. Can you use LPs to complete the Snow Park parts of this quest? BTW love your website. I come to it almost daily for info :)

  17. Can I start the fishathon early bc I have 35 hours left and the bingo hall takes up 33 of that…

  18. BTW I completed this quest with 2 days to spare as though my funds were low due to building stores in Sunset Mall along with the patio and balcony quests one requiring me to build a floor. I quickly had 5 Sims constantly cooking the one minute meal, most planting the free crop plus a few doing other quests… lessons learned from reading your valued website. I’ve won my reward. HAGD and :)

  19. How is the quest complete now that the devoted dance is gone? The figure skate option did not work.

  20. Can I start the figure skating early?
    -Thank you!!!
    Your blog helps me soooo much!

  21. I am trying to build the bingo hall while working on the seniors quest..but it says the requirement is that I have reached level 23 and completed senior quest? Do I have to complete he senior quest first?!?

  22. What do you do if you don’t have the snow park yet

  23. So I’m half way through the seniors quest and I just checked on what else I need to do and it says build the bingo hall, however I have to complete the life dreams and legacies quest which I haven’t done so because I haven’t got to that point yet, is there anything else I can do? If I don’t complete this quest can I not reach senior age?

    • you don’t have to complete the life dreams quest to build the bingo hall, you need to be on the goal in the senior quest to build it, you can’t start building it early.

  24. Is the Time Limit really 6 Days to get the Exercise Bike? because in my account it says 3 Days to get the Limited Edition Exercise Bike.

  25. What if you don’t have the snow park???!!

  26. Where is the bench in the snow park? I’ll have looked EVERYWHERE and can’t find it…

  27. Hey! Can you use a neighbours snow park if you don’t have one?

  28. So you Have to buy the snow park to complete this quest

  29. Where is the house party where the sims supposed to woohoo?

  30. Thanks so much for your blog. It’s been incredibly helpful. I’m at the beginning of this quest where I’m to feed the pigeons but the only option is to sit on the bench and watch them for 9 hours. Any clues? Thanks again.

  31. I cannot dispose off cupcake! How to do that? When I click on garbage it just says clean up. Please help

  32. Can I do the ice skating option with a different sim then the one that has an older self? That one is a level 6 woodworker, kind of seems like a shame to throw that all away for this one time…
    So you know if that’s possible?

  33. Can older/senior sims still woohoo?

  34. Where can I partake in a 24 hour fashithon?

  35. Is the snow park a necessity?

  36. I want to start the bingo hall early but when I click on ut it says I have ro finish the seniors quest first. How am I supposed to build it for the quest if I can’t build until I complete the quest?

  37. So it says send your future sims to the 24hrs fishaton but when I select the bingo hall it says seniors event only but I have to wait until the quest is complete to gain a senior… can you help me Im so confused and I pass my 6days so no bike for me πŸ˜‘πŸ˜£πŸ˜’

  38. How do you dispose of the cupcake?

  39. Hi! I just wanted to inform you that the exercise no longer costs 15,000 simoleons, instead it costs only 9,000 simoleons.

  40. Will I be able to do it at a neighbours snow park?

  41. First task says “Send a swim to the swim centre”. What is a swim, where do I find it. Or do you mean have a sim swimming?

  42. What about adults? Do teens turn into adults?

  43. Hi, just to let you know: I experimented and warned simanity with another sim (not the sim who created the future self) and this was no problem: the quest continued as per your guide (complain, be nice, search garbage, etc..)

  44. Als useful to know: you have to figure skate at the snow park. I tried to do this task at a sim’s frozen swimming pool, but I had to redo it at the snow park.

  45. I can’t build the binggo hall unless I complete the senior quest?

  46. Hi I was wondering if you could just use the weather machine to freeze your own pool instead of buying the snow park? Thank you

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