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The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 23 UNLOCKS: seniors TIME LIMIT: 4 days PRIZE: exercise bike

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

This quest unlocks at level 23 and b20140302-133445.jpgrings older sims to your town! You have 4 days to complete these goals if you want to unlock the exercise bike.

NOTE: you can still complete the goals after the 4 days are up you just won’t get the exercise bike!

  • Send a sim to the swim centre
  • Feed the pigeons- 2 seconds

  • Investigate the pigeons- 2 minutes

  • Wait for senior on park bench- 2 minutes 42 seconds
  •  Investigate the door in the park- 10 seconds

  • Welcome senior sim- 5 seconds

  • Talk to senior- Be nice- 1 minute
  • Stand on the x- 4 seconds

  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Warn simanity on a soap box- 1 day

  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Search garbage for cupcake (kick over trash can first- 2 seconds) 30 seconds

  • Search garbage for cupcake of doom 2- 30 minutes

  • Dispose of cupcake- 25 seconds

  • Send present sim to the park
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Dance with future self- 10 seconds
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Visit snow park (you need the snow park to complete this quest)
  • Go ice skating (figure skate) -12 hours (you need to use the ice rink at the snow park)

  • Snowball fight at snow park- 2 hours (you need two sims for this task)

  • Talk to the senior- 1 minute

Build the bingo hall- 1 day (about S100,000) (need more money?)

  • Complain to future self- 1 minute
  • Get 5 sims together in a house
  • Woohoo with a sim- 5 minutes
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute


You can age sims to Seniors– but you will need a birthday cake!

Prize: Exercise Bike


Is the prize worth it? Yes, its a nice item, not just for seniors, adults and teens can use it too!

Where can I find it? You can find it in the electronics section

Cost: S9,000

The next quest is the Bird Feeding quest to unlock the hobby

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: Last updated during the baby steps 2015 update.

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506 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest

  1. Hi, something very strange has happened when I was working on the task “Build the Bingo Hall”. When I tapped on the icon, it says on the requirement 24 hours. 15 mins later, I checked the timer again as I wanted my sim to start the fishaton, and the Bingo Hall timer says it still has 35 hours and 45 mins left. Is this a glitch or did they change it without updating the info box (icon info)?

    I suppose I’m just gonna have to wait an additional 12 hours. It’s quite annoying! Thanks for reading though! :)

  2. I’m about to finish the ghost hunting hobby now & I have exactly 500,000 simeleons…I also still need to build the castle…which should I build first? I’m thinking the snow park since the seniors quest will pop up as soon as I’m done with the ghost hunting quest..right? The Royal Linage Quest will only begin once I have built the castle, correct? Just wanting to clarify! Love your blogs! I keep them up during each quest so I can continuely refer to it! Would have probably given up by now if it wasn’t for you ;)

  3. Help! I’ve completed the Ghost Hunters quest. This quest is not popping up for me. I thought ‘Ghost Hunters’ was the one before Seniors.

  4. Can I use the weather machine to freeze a pool for skating if I don’t have the snow park?

  5. I’m so glad I built the snow park before this!

  6. Ok I’m currently on level 40. I stopped playing the sims gor about a year and then decided to stay playing again. Went i quit playing i was on level 24. Since i quit playing and started again i had about 25 quests i needed to complete. I have got them all but three caught up. I’m on the seniors quest. I’ve never had seniors come to my city. I’ve gotten all the way to the partake in the fishathon part and can not complete it since i do not have a senior to do so. I don’t know what i can do to get a senior. Any suggestions? Im on level 40, the bingo hall is built and I’ve completed the senior quest up to partake in fishathon. It will not let me go any further without a senior. Please help, thank you

    • you need to complete the senior quest to turn adults into a senior.
      An adult sim needs to do the fishathon task

      • I’ve tried using an adult senior and it tells me to come back when i have a senior. I’ve never had seniors come to town to complete this quest as i had quit playing so i had 25 back quests to do and i have completed them all but the three your have to do with a senior.

      • You don’t have to do this one with a senior because you only unlock seniors once you complete this quest.To complete the fishathon goal send an adult sim to the park, click on the fishing rod on the pier and select fishathon- 1 day

  7. If I just don’t do the life dreams and legacies quest, will they still automatically die?
    Love the site BTW!

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