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The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest


LEVEL UNLOCKS: 23 UNLOCKS: seniors TIME LIMIT: 6 days PRIZE: exercise bike

If you have not unlocked this quest yet it is because previous quests have to be completed first.

This quest unlocks at level 23 and b20140302-133445.jpgrings old people to your sim town! You have 6 days to complete these goals if you want to unlock the exercise bike.

NOTE: you can still complete the goals after the 6 days are up you just won’t get the exercise bike!

  • Send a swim to the swim centre
  • Feed the pigeons- 2 secs
  • Investigate the pigeons- 7 minutes
  • Wait for senior on park bench- 14 minutes
  • Investigate the door in the park- 10 secs
  • Welcome senior sim- 5 secs
  • Talk to senior- 1 minute
  • Stand on the x- 4 secs
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Warn simanity on a soap box- 1 day (you need to do this with the same sim as the one that created the future self)
  • Complain to a senior- 1 minute
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Search garbage for cupcake (kick over trash can first) 15 minutes
  • Search garbage for cupcake of doom 2- 30 minutes
  • Dispose of cupcake- 25 secs
  • Send present sim to the park
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Dance with future self- 10 seconds
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute
  • Visit snow park
  • Go ice skating (devoted dance) -12 hours
  • Snowball fight at snow park- 2 hours
  • Talk to the senior- 1 minute
  • Build the bingo hall- 36 hours
  • partake in 24 hour fishathon- 1 day
  • Complain to future self- 1 minute
  • Get 5 sims together in a house
  • Woohoo with a sim- 5 minutes
  • Be nice to future self- 1 minute

This is all the goals! Now you can age sims to seniors- but you will need a birthday cake!

This post explains seniors so you know exactly what they do!:

Is the prize worth it? Yes, its a nice item, not just for seniors, adults and teens can use it too! You can find it in the electronics section and costs 15,000 each.

Thanks for reading!

The next quest is the Bird Feeding quest to unlock the hobby, you can find that post here:

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

NOTE: I only do these quests twice (once on each device) I have done it twice now, if something changes I won’t know so please just politely tell me ALL of the tasks/ times that have changed so the post can stay up to date :) thank you.


.stealing is illegal.

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355 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Seniors Quest

  1. I’m trying to find the exercise bike, but it’s neither in the ‘In-App Purchase’-section as in the ‘Electronic’-section. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  2. Can i start the ice-skating (devoted dance) early at my frozen swimming pool using the weather machine while my snow park is almost done building?

  3. I just wanted to say your blog is helpful and makes my life so much easier. To know what buildings you need to have and such. I just have one question. Do ou know if there is ever a cap on the price of buildings or does the price always go up? Thanks in advance. And if you don’t know the answer thanks anyway. And I hope you have a wonderful day and have fun on the Christmas quest. On a.side note, you do your quests really quickly I was super impressed by how quick you finished the thanksgiving quests.
    Thanks again.

  4. Where is the bingo hall? Can I start it early? :)

  5. Hi!!! How seniors earn money??? Only from bingo hall?

  6. How do you dispose of the cupcakes

  7. does it cost money to build the bingo hall?

  8. Will the bingo hall automatically take 36 hours or will it Jaut take 6 hours more than the last thing I built (like usual)?
    And thank you sooooo much for making this blog, it has been incredibly helpful so far!

  9. I did the fish-a-thon but it didn’t say that I completed the step…now I have to wait for another fish-a-thon :(

  10. Can I build the Bingo Hall before hand? Or do I have to build it when they say so?

  11. Can I start the 24 hour fish a thon early?

  12. How much does the bingo hall cost

  13. I dont have the snow park. Is there a way around this?

  14. Any recommendations on how many/ages of sims you should have before the automatic aging happens? I have seen so many reviews where people are furious that all their sims are aging faster than they can get younger ones to level up in their hobbies, jobs, etc.

  15. I know that the cost on the bingo hall depends on the building that are already built, but how much did you pay for it?

  16. Since I’ve built the Bingo Hall my Competitions have stopped !?

  17. Hi. I just want to say, you are the only reason I continue (or am able) to play this game. Thank you. I am having trouble finding the cupcake. I have kicked over and cleaned up the garbage can. It seems as if it began properly. I am at a loss at what I should do. I am not able to get past this part of the quest.

  18. Where do i click to get foe devoted dance in snow park

  19. Hi, am I able to do the Devoted Dance on the ice rink with a different SIM to the one I started the quest with? As my original sim does fishing as a hobby and I don’t want to lose progress.

  20. Does the sims being adult will automatically age? Or i should make them a senior first then age then die? Thanks :)

  21. So I’ve started to get my head around then game. I just turned an adult into a Senior and read about the whole automatic ageing thing.. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ll come to a period where ALL of my adults turn into seniors won’t I? And when that happens.. How am I going to earn money without most of my Sims being unable to work? Sure, I can garden and all that but all other activities don’t seem to yield as much revenue as working. How do you and other players cope (for the lack of a better word) with the whole ageing thing?

    • Yes there will be, you create new sims, so yes your adults will become seniors but you can add new adults to the town to restart the whole thing as once the seniors time is up they will die and leave your town
      But that only starts on the life dreams and legacies quest so you have a few quests before then.

      • That’s true.. But won’t there be a a period when 90% of your sims are seniors, unable to work but you can’t create new sims yet because you’re maxed out on the population limit? I’m just a quest away from LDL so quite nervous about the possibility of making significantly less revenue in a week or so..

        On another note I probably should’ve posted this Q in ‘Seniors’ post instead of the quest post -.- Sorry!

        A great blog, by the way… Everyone I know who plays SFP refers to your blog. Very well appreciated!

      • Maybe but they won’t all age at the same time and seniors don’t take long to complete their life dreams so once they have finished you can move them on and add new adults
        That’s okay! Don’t worry about it!

  22. So u mean all of our now sims will die?!?!

  23. Thanks so much!! I love knowing if I have to save money dor the quest but does that mean my bingo hall will cost 425 000 simmolins??

  24. How much is the bingo hall?

  25. Can I still get the bike even if I didn’t finish the quest ?

  26. When they say dispose of cupcakes where do you that

  27. I had no issue with bingo and competitions…. But for the last month I haven’t been able to do either. They both say I have over 2,000 days until I have a new game/competition. Also I’m no longer getting daily mail. Any ideas??

  28. How to go back to level 23?

  29. Hey, first of all good job with this website!
    Now can I complete the ice skating task at a neighbour’s station? I don’t have one myself and I don’t have enough money to build it either… will it work?

  30. I just wanted to say that the exercise bike can be used by adults and teenagers (not just seniors)! I do like it. I created an “exercise room” in a sim’s house with exercise bikes, a TV, and showers. :)

    Thanks for posting all of these quests! I read your blog for each quest. Now I’m on life dreams & legacies! :)

  31. I don’t know what happened, Game Center has been acting wonky and won’t sign in. Now I was doing the seniors quest and it was none of the same objectives you have listed here and halfway through the quest it skipped forward to the bird hobby quest. Now I can’t age adults to seniors and it keeps messing up and erasing progress on simple actions like gardening n the works. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already singed in and out of Facebook and every time I open gamecemter the app freezes up and needs to be closed out, even in the settings for the iPad itself.

    • Well your game sounds completely messed up! I think you should contact EA to see if they can help, if they can’t then the only thing I can suggest is restarting your game which I know is annoying
      For the game center issue, have you tried restarting your device before opening game center to see if that stops it closing?

  32. Where is the snow park?

  33. Where is the bingo hall

  34. Hello there :)

    I’m at the part where is says visit snow park and I don’t have it so it there an alternative to doing this part?

  35. How much does bingo hall cost ?

  36. How much will the bike be if I don’t finish on time because the bingo hall costs 100,000$ and I only have 36,000 so how much will it cost if you have any tips to get more money faster please tell me🙏😩😫😁☺️

  37. First of all, thank you so much for this blog! I reference it almost every day… I think I have an addition to sims.
    Anyways, for this quest I tried to “feed the pigeons” with a teen and ended up wasting about 7 hours before figuring out I had to do it with an adult. I think others may find that information useful if you add it to your post.

    • I would like to say once again, thank you for this blog. Because omg, I did the same thing using a teen to feed pigeons. Now I know. I even put in a request to EA to fix the glitch. Thanks again for having all of this information made available to us!

  38. How do you take pat in the fish a thin thing please help..:(

  39. Can you do the Fish-A-Thon early and then leave it until the goal appears? My bingo hall has like a day left til completed to can I begin the fish-a-thon until the hall is done?

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