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The Sims Freeplay- Bird Feeding Quest


20140302-133445.jpgThe bird feeding quest was due to start from the 19th February but they must have changed it  around with the quilting hobby! But anyway you have 6 days to complete this senior based hobby quest (but you don’t need a senior to do these goals, an adult can do it) if you want to receive a pet bird! (it was meant to be free but you have to pay 25,000 for it! You can find it in the furniture section under the pet tab) This quest unlocks at level 24.

Times may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

(hopefully these tasks won’t be as long, but from the look of the first 2 goals I think it’s going to take a while!)

  • Search a tree at a house for birds- 8hrs 30 mins
  • Read birdhouse illustrated magazine- 1 day (stack of magazines can be found in the living room section of the furniture store)
  • Read an encyclopedia- 3 hrs
  • Grow pumpkins- 1 day
  • Bake pumpkin pie- 10 hrs
  • Throw seeds at park water fountain- 7hrs 30 mins
  • Throw seeds at swim center- 7hrs 30 mins
  • Search a tree at the swim center for birds- 16hrs 30 mins
  • Call a friend- 3 mins
  • Watch osiris with a telescope in the park- 6 hrs 30 mins
  • Watch news on tv- 3 mins
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 min
  • Go bird spotting on a park bench- 33 hours

This is all the goals, some of them can be started early but remember who is doing the task (I forgot and clicked on the pumpkins too early so I had to do that one again -.-)

Once you complete the goals you unlock the bird feeding hobby, to do this hobby get your senior to go to the park and click on the bench with the pigeons on it to feed birds for 4 hours. That post can be found here:

The next quest is to unlock the quilting hobby, the post can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

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Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 20 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

117 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Bird Feeding Quest

  1. Adult sims have the action too is it pointless to start this quest with a regular adult and not a senior?

  2. I googled this quest this morning, and your post wasn’t available yet. I found this YouTube video where this girl saved her game before starting the quest and then used LPS speed through it to see what all the tasks were. She was then going to revert back to the savers in from before she used her LP’s to do the quest for real. I’ve included the link so if you want to see all the times there’s a ton of long ones again. I’ve actually started some of the other ones hoping that I can click on the plants and what I baked and they will count when I get to that part. There is one task that is like 36.5 hrs long!!!!

  3. The next task is: read the encyclopedia.

  4. After magazines it is read encyclopedia 4 hrs, then grow pumpkins 1 day

  5. Grow pumpkins shortly after you start reading the magazine and start baking a pumpkin pie with 12 hours to speed things up.

    It looks like we have just enough time to finish if you keep on top of tasks and don’t wait between them.

  6. After grow pumpkins you have to make a pumpkin pie

  7. After pumpkins I think it’s scatter seeds at park, then scatter seeds at swim center and then look at a tree swim center.

  8. How long do those goals take?

  9. Thanks a lot for posts like these! It’s really helpful; when I see in your list here that there are a few goals coming that take a lot of time, I can sort of jump start them :) Sorry for the bad English, I’m not a native speaker but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say! Haha.

  10. Hey, fresh new website! Cool… I have just started the bird feeding challenge and added up the hours you provided in your list and I make it that even if there was absolutely no time lost between one task to the next, you would lose by 7 minutes. Just as well you have discussed the tasks you can do early or I would simply have to resign from my job to get my pretty bird. Lol!!! How are you getting on with the island Weightless magic? Some of the resources just don’t come do they!! I have given up on that bit though I did manage to open the bingo place just in time tho had to use LP’s as my supermarket was under construction and had to finish it quick!! Challenges, challenges!!! What will they come up with next I wonder. I think people must be using your neighbourhood list….. I had no friends 2 weeks ago now have over 100 and keep on coming…

    • Glad you like it! :) I know, they could at least make it so you can complete the quest within the time without skipping anything (they just want us to buy LPs, well that isn’t going to happen! :P)
      The island is going really slowly, yeah, I have about 60 of 2 items but it seems impossible to get any of the final piece needed!
      Woah that’s really good! If you get to the point where you can’t cope with the amount I can always remove your name, just let me know :)

  11. Your blog is so helpful sometimes ;_; tysm!! But I have one question on this; do you think that we can only do these goals with a senior sim or can it be with any sim? I don’t want to risk anything. Also I hate how EA is messing up this game by basically pressuring us into buying LP to finish these goals. I was really upset how they have us 3 days for the senior quest and I finished it 3 days after it had ended. It’s really unfair don’t ya think

    • No problem :) You can do these goals with an adult sim if you don’t have a senior sim but I wouldn’t do them with any other aged sim!
      I agree, it isn’t fair- I don’t like being pressured into buying things, it makes the game less fun to play!

      • Thanks for your effort in posting the quest lines. They help a huge amount.

        I have to admit that I’m beginning to lose my enthusiasm for this game. I love decorating the houses and unlocking things with the quest challenges. I am starting to hate/resent the pressured timelines and am feeling like the game has completely lost the relaxed play that drew me to it in the first place.

        The pressured quest line was fun the first time–I actually set my alarm a couple of times to eek in those extra precious few minutes–and was thrilled to have met the goal with minutes to spare; but honestly, now it’s getting old.

        Even justifying spending a few dollars here and there doesn’t make for a special bonus because for some of them, (like the multi-story pack), you still have to spend huge amounts of in-game LP’s or Simoleans for additional items in those packs–to me, that’s a rip-off. Anything that you spend real money for should be permanently unlocked and free to use once you’ve purchased it.

        It’s really unfortunate because I think that I am the target demographic for this game… someone who enjoys sitting with it while watching TV or waiting for stuff… (I’m often waiting on other folks for stuff, so I have my tablet accessible to kill the time…). I have no problems with micro-purchases if I’m enjoying the play — I feel like I’m supporting the developers for doing a good job and enjoy having unique items.

        The model only works if I’m enjoying the game though… It’s starting to feel a lot like they’re getting greedy… I play games to relax and pass the time–babysitting a clock doesn’t add entertainment value for me. I’m starting to feel like I might need to back off/take a break…

        I’m on track to finish this quest line in time, but only because of your postings; they helped me determine when to use those precious LP to speed up some of the steps…

        I wonder if I’m the only one feeling like this.

      • No problem, glad I could help :)
        I know what you mean, it is becoming more of a chore with a lot of clock checking instead of a fun game. I think it is a rip off how you spend real money and still have to spend LPs to buy the things you have unlocked! It’s just another way they try and get you to buy LPs!
        You could always just play it without following the times to get a quest done? I know you won’t get the prizes but it would be a lot more relaxing and less frustrating!
        I will keep playing, as I do love the game and I can help others to try and complete quests on time. It would be a shame if you stopped seeing as you have put so much time and effort into this

  12. Is it possible to do the entire quest within the time limit without spending LPs? I used almost all of them on the seniors quest and I really want to save them ;)

  13. thanks so much for the list! so anyone knows what happens if i don’t finish the quest on time? i’m not liking this new pressure to buy LPs as well. i wish they’re more subtle about it :(

  14. I am happyntaht you got me on game center because I dont have facebook so im lucky oh and are you planning on writing about hay day because I saw you hqve a farm:)

  15. It would seem that EA have take a leaf out of Zynga’s book, as Zynga try to force you to pay, too. Unfortunately zynga has not listened to the players, so I doubt EA will.
    According to my game there is 1day 23 hours remaining for the bird, and I have just started the 36.5 hour bird feeding, so I should make it, unless they change something! Kinda pleased about that, as I totally misread my hours… I read 36 hours as 3 days, and was resigned to using around 25 LP to finish to get the bird, knowing I’d have 2 days left to do 3 days… silly me!! Happy now, though!! The bird better sing and dance, or I’ll not be impressed, lol!!
    I found this page a couple of days ago, so I was able to look ahead, and get ahead, and get this done! So thanks!!

    • Yeah I think they have, EA are usually quite good at listening to their players (but it isn’t usually about money!)
      Yep you should definitely get it done on time! Oh dear, thats not good! But at least you are going to finish on time :) I’m on the last goal now too and I have only used 1LP which makes a change from the previous quests! :P
      No problem! Glad I could help!

  16. Hi! I have a question and it’s not related to this quest, but i need to know :P
    Do you know what the wedding cake does?

    • The wedding cake isn’t like the birthday cake it’s not needed for a wedding to take place, it is just like all of the other baked goods you just use it to make money
      By the way I do have a questions section you could post unrelated items in :)

  17. Mine reset to 2 preteens jumping on the bed

  18. KS I know exactly how you feel. I’m on the last, 36 hour bird spotting goal and just crashed for the fourth time. The first time I just resumed the game. Second time I used LP to get back to where I was, 3rd and 4th time I reinstalled Sims FreePlay and restored from the Cloud. Thanks to this blog I can measure my progress but I wish they’d use slower goals for those of us who have frequent crashes.

  19. I finally finished the quest with a few hours to spare and got the bird. I don’t know why they keep calling it a free bird when I had to pay $25,000 simoleons for it.

  20. Hi thanks for your blog it’s really helpful. I just completed this quest in the time limit but can’t find the bird anywhere in the home store! Where is it supposed to be?

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  22. I’m doing the last quest now and won’t have it completed by the due date. Ugh.

  23. Im not going to finish intime because mine keep crashing and making me start over but im trying to throw seeds at the park n it wnt let me how do i actually go about completeing this task?

    • You need to click on the fountain to get the option to throw them. If your game keeps crashing close the game and close all other open apps then turn off your device, then turn it back on and it shouldn’t crash for a while

  24. Thanks and also my teenager is at level 6 (highest level) in that hobby thing for teen idol n i cant find the teen mansion ;( was i suppose to finish a quest in time or could u still receive the house plot?

  25. Thanks for your effort in posting the quest lines. It helps a lot. I am encountering a problem as I can’t find the telescope in the park when requesting to watch osiris, do you think you can share the experience

  26. Just a general question, have you ever contacted EA if there was a fault with the game? And if so we’re they helpful? I want to because I clicked on an eternity ring as it said it was free but then it charged me 10 LP for it! I’m not very happy because I was saving up to buy an expensive house.

    • I have never contacted them, I just write a review every so often when I have a problem, such as my game closing and my sims stop doing their actions which is really annoying.
      I just want to point out that they should give you 10 LPs for the ring, so that is the 10 LPs that disappear but if you have noticed that they took the LPs you already have you could contact them but they probably wouldn’t do anything

  27. If I don’t complete the quest on time, can I still buy a pet bird for LP like the other pets?

  28. For those who have finished the Bird Feeding quest and have the parrot, is it worth it? I’m on the last quest (bird spotting on a park bench- 36 hours). I’m deciding whether I should use my LP’s.

    • Well all you can do with it is talk to it but it’s a nice decoration to have. If you complete the bird feeding hobby you unlock another bird

      • Good to know. I just got some LPs from a mystery box and I, too, was thinking of using a few on that last task – but if the bird isn’t that great and you can get another one by completing the hobby, then is won’t bother!

  29. What’s the next quest after bird feeding?

  30. I completely missed the quest, and therefore gave up on it. Now I have 6 seniors and would like to occupy their time with something other than planting and quilting. I have no idea how to restart the quest or the goals. Any ideas? I’ve tried going to the park and the swim center, but it would seem I’m not able to initiate the process with the tree or a bench, whereas when I was actively Completing the goals, I know the swim center was a place where you could.

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  32. I swear I’m not crazy but I am annoyed! I stared the bird feeding quest this morning after finishing need for steed and I thought there was a time limit with a prize for the bird quest. So I finished staring into a tree for 8 hours and 30 mins and then went to read a magazine and I noticed there is no longer a counter on that quest? I didn’t think much of it because I have done early beginning quest without a time limit. That is until I checked your site because it is useful but it made me feel I missed something. I am a little OCD and I haven’t missed a single unlock-a-prize-quest since I started. So I am freaking out and hope that I misunderstood. Do you unlock a special bird that you place in your house like a piece of furniture by “capturing” different birds in that hobby or is this bird feeding quest timed with a prize and I glitched somehow?

    • Strange, there should be a time limit! And you should unlock a prize for completing this quest in time but they may have changed it as I did do this quest a while ago
      You do definitely get a bird for complete the hobby so don’t panic too much! :)
      I don’t know how you would have glitched it unless you have been using a time cheat and confused it :P

  33. Hi. I finished this quest in time limit but I’ve no idea where to find the “free” bird? Hope to hear from u soon. Thank you in advance!

  34. Hi! Im an avid reader of your blog. And thank you for this because it helped me a lot. I finished my 3 previous quests without using LPs and ahead of time. I can say that this blog is a must-read to all SFP players. T hanks again ;)

  35. Hi!
    I just want to say thank you for helping on this quest! Because of you, I knew to start planting pumpkins and baking the pumpkin pie early, so I saved 34 hours! I am now on the last step but I still have 2 1/2 days to complete the quest!:). I have saved up enough money to buy the parrot. Thank you again, because your blog is so helpful!! (Sorry if this is long)

  36. I may not be able to finish in time so is the bonus bird gift worth it?

  37. I have just completed search for birds with a regular adult sim and it hasn’t moved on to the next task. Are you sure I don’t need a senior to do it? It’s a choice of wasting another 8 hours getting a regular adult to do it again, or wasting 5 LP on a birthday cake to age a sim?

  38. Hello! Which of the actions can you start early? :) thank you.

  39. can I use 2 sims to do This tasks? like one is searching the tree and the other is already reading the magazine?

  40. I did in right order right up to the goal that im supposed to do is watch osiris with a telescope in the park, I couldnt find osiris and telscope in the park at all, I’m like huh where is it ? its really frustrating. What should I do? any ideas

  41. Here’s a weird one that hopefully you can help me with… I basically have a house that’s a sweat shop. I have all my stoves to do the cooking awards over and over and a room of all haunted items so I can ghosthunt. I had 6 people cooking for 1 minute and I never cleaned up the plates. It was almost completely full of plates on the floor and when I finally cleaned them all up, there is a plate on the ground in front of every single stove. It will not let me pick up any of the plates that are in front of the stove! I even tried moving stuff and taking stuff out of the house and it still doesn’t let me pick them up. I’ll click on “clean up” and my sim will walk over and bend down to pick it up and walk over to the sink, but the plate is on the floor in the same spot! Any ideas? The plates have been stuck for a week or so.

    • The problem is there are so many plates there that when you clean one it doesn’t look like it is doing anything, you need to just keep cleaning them until they are all gone which will take a while. The black circle around the plates will slowly get lighter as you clean them up

  42. I’m on the last mission, missed loads of time with Christmas & new year celebrations, I have about 29 hours left to finish on time for the ‘free’ bird. but have 35hrs left of bird spotting. I think I worked it out that in the hour of the quest I’d have to spend about 8or9 LPs to get the bird.
    is it worth it? what does it do? I’ve got several people completing several hobbies to collect up to LPs.

    would it be best to have loads of people doing one hobby after theyve opened up the specials, on that hobby. like the ice skating opened the outfit & ski lift before the LPs started.
    sorry bombarded you with loads of questions.

    • it just sits there, it doesn’t do much
      you unlock a bird when you complete the bird feeding hobby for the first time anyway
      I would have people working on different hobbies once they have unlocked all the specials that way you will get more LPs, also if you have unlocked the cooking hobby that is great for making LPs quickly, I have 6 sims working on that one and only one or two on other hobbies.

  43. Any ideas on my last post? It still says awaiting moderation. Thanks so much for all your help!

  44. Why do you say it might change? What do you mean?

  45. I’ve been getting kinda tired of the fast-paced, non-stop quests in this game. I needed a break, so I started this one without intending to finish in time. If I miss the $25k bird reward, is there anything else that’s special from this quest that I’ll miss? I know we can still do the hobby but I don’t think I care about this one. :)

    And general question, if I don’t finish on time, does it start the next quest right on the tail of this one or do I need to finish this quest to trigger the start of the next one? I’ve forgotten how that works, sorry. If the next quest starts outside of my control I might as well finish this with LP anyway. :( Thanks!!!!!

  46. Hi, love your site! My mother in-law told me of your site, now we have a daily update together sorting out best way to do quests and making LP’s. Definitely the best/quickest way is with toddler in the play house at 6 LP a time. The new modelling is a bit of a rip off as at 10 1/2 hours a time, you can only do 1 a day as well as working. 1 way would be to use the cloud save, and save just before completing it, so if not one you need you can restore again to try again. Keep up the great work here.

  47. Hi I’m doing the bird feeding quest and when I tap on magazines I don’t have the bird feeders illustrated mag. Can this only be shown with a senior?

  48. I’m at the start of this quest,
    But I can’t find rhe stupid birds envy where at my house?':((

  49. Once you get bench at your house do you still have to go to all the places to get the LP

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