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The Sims Freeplay- Bird Feeding Quest


20140302-133445.jpgThe bird feeding quest was due to start from the 19th February but they must have changed it  around with the quilting hobby! But anyway you have 6 days to complete this senior based hobby quest (but you don’t need a senior to do these goals, an adult can do it) if you want to receive a pet bird! (it was meant to be free but you have to pay 25,000 for it! You can find it in the furniture section under the pet tab) This quest unlocks at level 24.

Times may vary depending on what star rating the item has.

(hopefully these tasks won’t be as long, but from the look of the first 2 goals I think it’s going to take a while!)

  • Search a tree at a house for birds- 8hrs 30 mins
  • Read birdhouse illustrated magazine- 1 day (stack of magazines can be found in the living room section of the furniture store)
  • Read an encyclopedia- 3 hrs
  • Grow pumpkins- 1 day
  • Bake pumpkin pie- 10 hrs
  • Throw seeds at park water fountain- 7hrs 30 mins
  • Throw seeds at swim center- 7hrs 30 mins
  • Search a tree at the swim center for birds- 16hrs 30 mins
  • Call a friend- 3 mins
  • Watch osiris with a telescope in the park- 6 hrs 30 mins
  • Watch news on tv- 3 mins
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 min
  • Go bird spotting on a park bench- 33 hours

This is all the goals, some of them can be started early but remember who is doing the task (I forgot and clicked on the pumpkins too early so I had to do that one again -.-)

Once you complete the goals you unlock the bird feeding hobby, to do this hobby get your senior to go to the park and click on the bench with the pigeons on it to feed birds for 4 hours. That post can be found here:

The next quest is to unlock the quilting hobby, the post can be found here:

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at the time of writing, it may change.

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121 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Bird Feeding Quest

  1. Good grief! Is it even possible to do this one in the time frame without actually looking ahead and doing one or two of those 1 day tasks early? I’m afraid I didn’t check here until part way through the quest and wound up having to use LPs to finish the last task. Thanks to your tip about cooking though, I haven’t actually had to spend any money on this game.

    • Yes it is, but I would always recommend looking ahead because on this quest you can start these tasks early:
      Read an encyclopedia- 3 hrs
      Grow pumpkins- 1 day
      Bake pumpkin pie- 10 hrs
      To save some time
      You’re welcome

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