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The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest


20140302-133445.jpgThis quest unlocks from level 26, it gives you the ability for your sims to age automatically and die. And the alien Osiris is back again!

If you complete within 7 days you will unlock the singing salmon that when listened to makes your sims inspired. Time is very tight with this quest, as we have come to expect with this game now. You can still complete the quest after the time is up.

It is a good idea to have an adult sim to sacrific when completing this quest.

But remember completing the goal ‘advance an adult sim age’ will mean that your sims will start to age and die on their own from this point.

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

    • Call a friend- 3 minutes
    • Send invitations on a computer- 6 hours 30 minutes
    • Send 5 sims to snow park
    • Tend the bar in the snow park (stay tending the bar for the next task)
    • Order a cocktail at cabin (snow park)- 30 seconds (you can only do this task when someone is tending the bar)
    • Ask Osiris about new inventions- 14 hrs 20 minutes
    • Open the age controller


  • Advance an adult sims age (your sims will start to automatically age and die from this goal)
  • Send a sim to the park
  • Examine the glowing orb- 1 day
  • Give the orb to a senior
  • Open the life dreams menu
  • Fulfil a life dream- 6 hours 24 minutes (there is a glitch on some players game where you won’t see any life dreams in the menu, I can’t do much about technical issues but EA have been told so hopefully will sort it.)
  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 5 minutes
  • Tap on the beach or arcade on island
  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 20 seconds
  • Fulfil a life dream- 6 hours 24 minutes
  • Have a scientific breakthrough in the bath- 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Debunk theory of relatively while drinking tea- 10 hours 40 minutes
  • Have a senior grow watermelons- 1 hour
  • Bake gingerbread sims- 6 hours (again works with adult and can be started early)
  • Complete a cycle of life (goodbye senior sim!)
  • Have 4 sims in one house
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Have a baby- 1 day

Prize: Singing Salmon

Is the prize worth it? Yes it really is worth it! It makes it so much easier to keep your sims in a good mood but you have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. You can find it in the decorations section.

Where can I find it? In the decorations section

Costs: S1500

Still confused with life dreams? Read the tips post here and the guide to life dreams and orbs post here


Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at time of writing, it may change.

© COPYRIGHT PROTECTED .stealing is illegal.

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738 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest

  1. How do get to kill the grim reaper like sims3

  2. How do I select and give the life orb to a senior? Is it a interaction or something

  3. What happens after all your sims die?Can you bring them back?will you have an option to bring them back?😥😰😣

  4. Hi I find your site really useful and maybe this sounds silly ,but when a sim die it just disappear or something else happens?

  5. Is there any other way to have a baby besides the crib? It says I can’t have another baby until several levels from now or use 90 LPs

  6. If I reach level 26 before all of the other quests are complete what will happen? I’m on level 22 but still on the swimming quest. I havent done the preteen, teenagers, seniors, or adult quests..

  7. I think the reason the senior still counts is due to the baby being started early. I had this happen. I killed off my first senior.. while the baby was baking. It wouldn’t let me make another sim until the baby finished.
    Btw..awesome blog..I couldn’t have made it through it without ur help. :)

  8. Do you think they will ever make the women actually look pregnant in sims freeplay?

  9. Sorry But Do You Know What The Time Limit Is.

  10. What if I don’t want my sims to age automatically. Do I just not complete quest?

  11. How long will it take for the sims to age

  12. What does it mean when the age circle thing on the sim tracker is red around someone’s face?

  13. Another question, why won’t my cat come to her bowl, or bed when I call her to it? Is it because the pets can’t go upstairs?

  14. I’m trying to assign personalities to my sims (they now have the countdown around their heads) but I don’t have the personality tab in the wardrobe?!

  15. how do you have a scientific breakthrough in a bath with a senior sim? I tries clicking the bath with a senior sim but the option doesn’t come up.

  16. Can you turn automatic aging off after completing this quest?

  17. This is the last quest of the sims? Or there is something next?

  18. If I don’t complete this quest, would it mean that I can’t unlock the public beach, carnival, pet park, arcade, and pet salon?

  19. Can you start the baby early on this? Or do you have to wait till you’ve finished the rest of the tasks?

  20. Sorry that I am a bit confused. I don’t want my sims to age and I saw a note in the “in stitches quest” stating that “NOTE: the next quest allows your sims to age and die, if you don’t want them to die then do not finish this quest.” Does it mean once I finish the “in stitches quest” and the “life dreams & legacies quest” starts automatically then my sims will start to age? or I can still finish the “in stitches quest” and stop at the beginning of the “life dreams & legacies quest” if I don’t want my sims to age?

  21. the singing salmon is now 1500simoleons with the new update!! :D

  22. Hi – just a quick thank you for your great walk throughs. I haven’t missed a time limited prize yet.
    I am currently on the In Stitches Quest and I’m checking out Lifedreams in preparation, but I’m a bit confused – not hugely unusual.

    At the start you say that you need room for 2 Sims. However, when I read through (and I dd it a few times to make sure), the only Sim you add is the baby. Why do you need 2 slots?
    Thanks for your help.

  23. In sims free play. the sim tracker. My senior and teen girl have a red glow around them. What does it mean? Also the grin reeper is hanging around my senior.but.not the teenager. senior or teen is completely red does thst mean,theyll die?

  24. I’m confused. Why would you need 2 spaces available if all you’re doing is adding 1 sim? Would you not just need the space to add a baby?..

  25. Is this the last quest?

  26. Hi. i was wondering… after your sims die and you make new ones , do they age automatically, too? And If They do, the new ones age automatically and so on?

  27. do you know how much (orbs) the beach and stores cost ?

  28. Thanks for all the quest info I get easily frustrated so it really helps to know in advance what’s coming ☺️

  29. How can i fulfil a life dream?

  30. Does auto aging replace the use of a birthday cake?

  31. is there any way to get rid of the life dreams and legacies quest?

  32. How long is a sims lifespan (in actual days)

  33. I sure hope they add more quests, I don’t want to “finish the game.” I played years ago but stopped, so happy they added all these different quests and aging. Do you think they’ll add more quests?

  34. I was wary of starting this quest… But I’m pleasantly surprised that the life spans are that long! I do value my sims and don’t want them to die… but it’s always good to change it up. Plus now I don’t have to use all my LP baking b-day cakes. :( Is there any way to stop a few special sims from dying though? I’m attached to Amelia Aburst!

    • Yes there is, you can either keep reversing them back to the start of that life stage with LPs or you can get a platinum orb and pause the sims life forever. To get a platinum orb you need to have a sim complete their life dream to get a bronze, then you pass it to another sim to get a silver, then another sim to get a gold then a final sim to get a platinum

  35. If a sim dies do you have to wait to level up or can you just add a new sim because your sim count went down?

  36. Hey. Your posts are really helpful. I have a question, If I complete this last quest does that mean that all my sims die?

  37. What about that pause button what does that do?

  38. How do I complete a Life Dream?

  39. I hope the next update is to get rid of the life dreams and legacies one. i cant bear the thought of losing my precious toddler Hayley just so i can unlock a really cool looking building.

  40. Uh! I put the baby upstairs in a Japanese house, and I have no room for stairs! What do I do? How can I move it down??? Do sims die if they get to uninspired?

  41. If I start the quest and then stop to finishing it. What will happen to my sims? Are they going to age automatically? Because this is my next quest and I want to finish first the other quest. After that it will automatically start this quest. What will happen if I will not continue this quest? I don’t want yet to do this quest. I want to keep my sims because I want to show it to my Girlfriend when I’m back home. I really don’t want to finish this quest. Maybe once it started I’ll just leave it by that. Hoping for your reply. Thanks

    • Don’t start the quest if you don’t want your sims to die because they will start to age as soon as you start it
      You need to stay on the previous quest and your sims won’t age and die

  42. Can you use LP to stop a sim dying?

  43. Is there any way to make your sims immortal?

  44. Last quest to have a baby but i cannot to complete it cause to limit of sim, so i have to wait to reach the level up for add sim baby, right??? Thks in advance

  45. Will Osiris appear at the very beginning of the quest?

  46. Hello and thank you for the wonderful blog it has helped me pretty much with lots of guests. My questions : how many adult sims you loose from dying? If its 2 doesn’t it mean you have 2 more new babies? I have already 2 married couples (I am level 41and my towns sims town is 28/28)

  47. I was wondering after they kill your sim do they give you a baby. So that everyone won’t die in your town. Or do u have to keep buying cribs?

  48. Hi,
    I find your posts really helpful. I just have one question.
    Do you have to give a life orb to a toddler to get it to the next level (e.g bronze to silver) or can you give it to any sim?

  49. When I need to find out something about the quests, this is the place I go to first!

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