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The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest


20140302-133445.jpgThis quest unlocks from level 26, it gives you the ability for your sims to age automatically and die. And the alien Osiris is back again!

If you complete within 7 days you will unlock the singing salmon that when listened to makes your sims inspired. Time is very tight with this quest, as we have come to expect with this game now. You can still complete the quest after the time is up.

It is a good idea to have an adult sim to sacrific when completing this quest, and you need to have space avaliable for 2 sims because the last task is to add a baby (for some reason the sim you sacrific is still counted) and you wont be able to if you have too many sims.

But remember completing the goal ‘advance an adult sim age’ will mean that your sims will start to age and die on their own from this point.

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

    • Call a friend- 3 minutes
    • Send invitations on a computer- 6 hours 30 minutes
    • Send 5 sims to snow park
    • Tend the bar in the snow park (stay tending the bar for the next task)
    • Order a cocktail at cabin (snow park)- 30 seconds (you can only do this task when someone is tending the bar)
    • Ask Osiris about new inventions- 14 hrs 20 minutes
    • Open the age controller


  • Advance an adult sims age (your sims will start to automatically age and die from this goal)
  • Send a sim to the park
  • Examine the glowing orb- 1 day
  • Give the orb to a senior
  • Open the life dreams menu
  • Fulfil a life dream- 6 hours 24 minutes (there is a glitch on some players game where you won’t see any life dreams in the menu, I can’t do much about technical issues but EA have been told so hopefully will sort it.)
  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 5 minutes
  • Tap on the beach or arcade on island
  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 20 seconds
  • Fulfil a life dream- 6 hours 24 minutes
  • Have a scientific breakthrough in the bath- 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Debunk theory of relatively while drinking tea- 10 hours 40 minutes
  • Have a senior grow watermelons- 1 hour
  • Bake gingerbread sims- 6 hours (again works with adult and can be started early)
  • Complete a cycle of life (goodbye senior sim!)
  • Have 4 sims in one house
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Have a baby- 1 day

Prize: Singing Salmon

Is the prize worth it? Firstly it costs 8LPs unless you unlocked it in the past then its free but it does make it so much easier to keep your sims in a good mood but you have to wait dor it to recharge before you can use it again. Although its good I wouldn’t get stressed out trying to complete this quest in time over it! You can find it in the decorations section.

Where can I find it? In the decorations section

Costs: 8LPs

Still confused with life dreams? Read the tips post here and the guide to life dreams and orbs post here


Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at time of writing, it may change.

Β© COPYRIGHT PROTECTED .stealing is illegal.

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Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 19 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

632 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest

  1. I’m concerned about a note on your page here: “… you need to have space avaliable for 2 sims because the last task is to add a baby (for some reason the sim you sacrific is still counted) and you wont be able to if you have too many sims.” I’m full up on sims and have 2+ levels to go before I get one more slot. I have another 6 days to complete this quest. I’m just wondering what I can do to kill off a couple adult sims by the time I need to add the baby.

    I have plenty of birthday cakes and LP – can I just age another sim into the afterlife in order to make room?

    Since we’re here, like others, I’m feeling like there’s no point in playing anymore after this quest is over. I already feel like all of the skills are useless since the only one of value is cooking for LPs. But once we finish this quest, what are the challenges anymore? I’m working on the teen idol sign. Activating the island volcano will take another year or more. Where do we go from here?


  2. How long does it take for a sim to age to the next generation automatically? Is it different for each generation?

  3. The sim that i turned old during the quest , can i change her back to an adult ? If so how because i mostly use her when im playing the sims. Thank you.

  4. First of all thank u so much, your tips are fantastic. I would’ve given up on the game if it wasn’t for your advice. You’re the best. Here’s my question. Will all my sims begin to age and eventually die after the quest is completed? Is there a way to stop this if I don’t want them to grow up?

    • You’re welcome!
      Yes they all will eventually age and die after this quest, there are a few ways to stop it, you can just leave your sims doing nothing, they won’t age then but you can’t really use them to play the game, you could reverse back to the start of their age with LPs, which is expensive, or you can use platinum orbs to pause a sims life infinitely but to make a platinum orb you need a sim to complete their life dreams to get a bronze, then another to get it to a silver, then another to get it to a gold and one more to make a platinum so it will cost you 4 sims to pause one.

  5. Just started the quest!! will let you know if I get stuck! you are AMAZINGGGGGG!! so helpful :)

  6. Thank you so much for this. I have just finished this quest and have managed to win all the timed prizes, except the magic mop, with your help.

  7. How long does it take for the singing salmon to recharge?

  8. Because this is the last quest does your town delete and you have to begin a new one or do your all sims die?? Or do you just keep on with normal things after the quest.

    • No your town doesn’t delete, the game keeps going, you complete life dreams to earn orbs to build the beach, arcade, pet park and carnival and they update the game and add more quests so it doesn’t stop.

  9. hi, can someone PLEASE answer this for me?

    Someone told me that the sims are not going to grieve when seniors die anymore. That makes me so sad because my whole town is basically family with eachother!

    It would be so sad that my sim would die and no one would notice or care.

    Is this true that sims do not grieve anymore when someone dies?

  10. I have a question that bothered me for a long time…. Is it worth it to complete this? Do I really want them to die? I don’t but otherwise I can’t build a lot of stuff that I want.. I’m not ready for this at all. But I really want those stores and new things to build. And does the grim reaper relly apear when they die?

  11. Hi. Let me just say firstly that I am a huge fan of you! Here is my question- what does the age controller do and what do the two buttons on it in the picture do? Thanks

    • Thanks!
      The age controller controls each sims age, the pause button stops them from ageing, you need a platinum orb to stop them ageing forever and the other button reverses or advances a sims age, so you can reverse to the start of that life stage or move onto the next one, these cost LPs unless they have completed their life dream for that stage then you can advance their age for free.

  12. What is that pause sign? What does it do?

  13. how many days till your sims age up

  14. What happens if all your sims die. Do you have to restart the game? PS your website has been so much help

  15. Hey dear, do you think it will be good if i dont complete this quest so my sims wont aged automatically?

    • I personally wasn’t sure about this quest but I did it anyway and I like that I have unlocked new places but I do still have a few sims that I leave around for a while doing nothing just because I don’t want them to die just yet, its a difficult question, if you don’t want to do it don’t but you can’t do any quests that come after this one in the future until it is done, but if you are getting bored of your sims it does make it more exciting.

      • Its indeed a difficult question whether or not to let them die. As aging automatically means the time spent gotta be more and in a rush since they age pretty fast. Lets hope sims create the option to not let them automatically soon.

      • It isn’t actually as rushed as you would think, these are all the times at each life stage:
        Baby- 24 hours
        Toddler- 3 days
        Preteen- 5 days
        Teenager- 7 days
        Adult- 18 days
        Senior- 10 days
        But they last longer if they do shorter actions each day, so most of the time they manage to get through a hobby before the stage is over

      • Well I love some of my sims too but my plan is to just create my favourite ones over again!!

  16. But i Dont want My sim to die!
    Do i have to do this request?

  17. Can you please explain all this? What is happening to My sims and what Will happen next?

  18. My sim is currently debunking the theory over tea and I have 4 days left. I have no spaces left to add sims. I have 3 seniors. How can I complete the quest in time or is it impossible? Thanks

  19. Are you able to adjust the length of time the Sims spend in each generation?

  20. Hi, what will I miss if I don’t do this quest?
    Nice site BTW. Very helpful :)

  21. Hi I like my Sims and don’t want them to die. Could I ignore this quest and not do it or does it force me to?

  22. I’ve nearly finished the quest but does the pause button mean you can pause your sims from aging because it dosnt let me press it yet ? Xx

  23. How can I go back and complete quest I did not finish

  24. In the picture in this post, what is the thinking bubble with a star inside? What does it do?

  25. Is there anything after the LD&L quest? Do your toddlers babies etc, all die? CUZ they all have the timer.and if your sims die are you able to add more? Please reply! Love ur blog

    • Yes you build the carnival, pet park, beach and arcade using orbs you earn from your sims completing life dreams
      All sims will eventually die, they age from babies to toddlers to preteens to teens to adults to seniors then they will die.
      Once a sim has died to can add another to replace them.

  26. As I understand this when this quest is completed the sims will age unless you choose to not let them do “anything”. Can anyone ellaborate on what you can and cant do to “preserv” (stop) a few fav sims and not have them age while the rest does? If you for example choose to use some sims just to grow crops for money, will that age them? One thing that will suck with ageing is that they lose theire level in the hobbies they mastered, so the competitions will be difficult to participate in. Can you even do hobbies without it aging them, (would be good to keep one fully skilled in each hobby for the competitions).

    • Any action you do increases your sims timer, small actions don’t increase it by much, for example, a baby will last for a day so if you just hibernated they would be ready to age after that action was complete but if they did the 4 hour go to sleep option they would be able to do that action 6 times before they were ready to age
      So no, you can’t even do a hobby without ageing unfortunately

  27. It says I have to find osiris. Where is he?

  28. How does aging affect the teen idol? I’m still playing all these instruments over and over to be able to get the sim town sign and unlock the teen idol mansion. Will that still be available when my teen idol ages to an adult?

  29. “Send invitations on a computer” is now 6hrs 30min with a three star computer. Thought you should know. You have a great blog. πŸ˜ƒ

  30. Osiris is in the snow park, at least he was for me :)

  31. I would like to know if I can add you as a neighbor or if you can add me.

  32. Okay maybe this is ridiculous, but how the heck do I fulfill my sim’s life Dream?! It’s to debunk the theory of relativity while drinking tea, but that task takes 10 hours and 40 mins. The post says 6 hours and 24 mins so I know I’m not supposed to actually do that yet, I just don’t know what I need to do. Thanks!

  33. Hey, so i’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now and as far as i can remember this has always been the last quest in my queue. when i complete this are more quests going to show up or will i be waiting for ea to add more? Your site has been so helpful ^_^

    • This quest may stay as the last one in your queue, all recent quests have been discovery quests which you can do whether you have completed your current quest or not but sometimes they do add new quests that should appear earlier in the game but will appear for you in the queue after the life dreams quest.
      I’m glad it helps

  34. Hey! I just wanted to let you know: I have just finished this quest, and in the Windows Phone, the task “Have a senior grow watermelons – 1 hour” was actually “Have a senior grow pumpkins – 24hours”… I was bummed, but, thanks tou your tips, I already had the gingerbread Sims ready and the baby, so I managed to get my singing salmon anyway :D
    Windows Phone is pretty outdated (at least comparing with Android, I play on both devices). For example: there’s only geeky and sporty personalities, and places like the restaurant, the mall, the pet salon, the pet park don’t exist, no possibility to build them. Also the party boat is just a piece of decoration, like the lighthouse. So there’s the possibility that this task was different for me because the game is outdated.
    Also thanks for keeping this blog always up to date, it helps me so much, I wouldn’t be able to finish quests in time without spending LPs if it wasn’t for your blog. I also use to read the comments of your posts when I have doubts, and I see how patient you are with people, even though they often ask questions that have been answered already, you’re always so patient and nice, I respect that.
    Congrats for the great work! :*

    • Yes, my posts are updated for the latest version of the game as that is what the majority of people have, sorry about that! I know windows phones are no longer updated so quests are slightly different and some things are missing from the game
      You’re welcome :)
      Thank you so much!

  35. Can having a baby be started early?

  36. Will the sim I age in this quest necessarily be the same that will die? can I use a senior sim that I had aged before instead?

  37. What is the pause thing will it pause my sim of aging

  38. This pause thing how long can you pause the age?

  39. Hello, i wanted to ask you if one of my sims died, and if i replaced him with a new sim it will be an infant or what?:) and i have an opinion i wanted to share about this game! Or this update specially, they shouldn’t have done this :( i mean they could have gave us the opportunity to choose who dies i dunno if u agree with me or not!

    • In this quest it will be a baby that replaces them but you can decide, it can be an adult or a baby, it doesn’t matter
      A lot of people feel the same, I think it would be nice if we could choose but I have got used to it now

  40. About the singing salmon, will it appear in the store even though I do the quest when time is up

  41. Does the grim reaper come to collect your sins when they die?

  42. Do you have to build the snow park to do the quest?

  43. 1.To fullfill the life dream, what should i choose? Cause here i got 3 options, so i choose to argue with park statue then my senior need to argue with it for 9hr

    2. If the only one of sims who’s at 6lv on one hobbies died, will the hobbies restart from the start (all the level box are closed again like it never been touch) or not?

    Sorry if my english is bad and sorry to annoy you by asking so many questio, thank you so much

  44. Just started this quest. You wonderfully explained I need platinum orbs to keep sims alive! Once my sims die, do I need a birthday cake to replace them? Say I lose five sims at once, can they all replaced simultaneously? Last question I promise :) how much does it cost to replace dead sims?

    • No you don’t need birthday cakes to replace them, just click on an empty house and select add sim to add an adult straight away for free, and yes you can add 5 new ones one after the other or you can add a baby by placing the crib in the house of a married couple, this will cost either simoleons or LPs and will take a day, you can’t add another sim until the baby has arrived

  45. Godd its so disheartening to see your sims die. is there no way i can keep them all? I’m attached to all of them. the’re like a family. I never thought a game would do this to me. EA should just remove this quest, its better to delete the game out of boredom instead of due to death of your sims.

  46. Hi!

    I think I can get over the loss of my dear sims, but what about pets? Do they age? I love my cat….

  47. hi how I built circus

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