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The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest


This quest unlocks from level 26, it gives you the ability for your sims to age automatically and die. And the alien Osiris is back again!

If you complete within 7 days you will unlock the singing salmon that when listened to makes your sims inspired. Time is very tight with this quest, as we have come to expect with this game now. You can still complete the quest after the time is up.

It is a good idea to have an adult sim to sacrific when completing this quest.

NOTE: your sims will start to automatically age and die as soon as you start this quest

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

    • Call a friend- 3 minutes
    • Send invitations on a computer- 6 hours 30 minutes
    • Send 5 sims to snow park
    • Tend the bar in the snow park (stay tending the bar for the next task)
    • Order a cocktail at cabin (snow park)- 32 seconds (you can only do this task when someone is tending the bar)
    • Ask Osiris about new inventions- 14 hrs 20 minutes
    • Open the age controller


  • Advance an adult sims age
  • Send a sim to the park
  • Examine the glowing orb- 1 day (can be found on the pier in the park)
  • Give the orb to a senior (that sim will pass away during this quest)
  • Open the life dreams menu
  • Fulfil a life dream- you could get any one of these life dreams, I have included how to complete them (times may vary):I want to read Sci Fi books from a preteen bookshelf- 4 hours

    Select Sci Fi from preteen bookshelf

    I want to debunk theories of relativity while drinking tea- 13hours 20 minutes

    Select debunk theory of relativity on teapot

    I want to write letters to sci fi celebrities on the computer- 7 hours 12 minutes

    Letters to celebs option on computer

    I want to get all Dr Whoozits memorabillia via the internet and send it to a museum- 11 hours 42 minutes

    Select the option on a computer

    I want to talk to tech support about computer systems on the phone- 4 hours 30 minutes

     Select the option on the phone

    I want to create an edible board game army by baking gingerbread sims- 6 hours

    Bake Gingerbread on a stove

    I want to read encyclopedias from bookshelfs- 3 hours

    Select encyclopedia on a bookshelf

    I want to argue with park statue constantly about the virtues of Dr Whoozits- 8 hours 20 minutes

     Click on the thinking man statue in the park

    I want to have many scientific breakthroughs in the bath- 7 hours 12 minutes

     Select the option on a bath

    I want to strategize chess on a chessboard as often as possible-6 hours

    Select the option on a chess board

    I want to have marathon movie sessions on a TV- 8 hours

    Select Movie Marathon on a TV

    I want to tell a lot of sims all about Ms Vampire Slayer- 10 hours

    requires another sim, select option

  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 5 minutes
  • Tap on the beach, carnival, arcade or pet park on island
  • Have a senior ask Osiris for help- 20 seconds
  • Fulfil a life dream- (the same as you did before)
  • Have a scientific breakthrough in the bath- 7 hours
  • Debunk theory of relatively while drinking tea- 10 hours 40 minutes
  • Have a senior grow watermelons- 1 hour (works with an adult and can be started early)
  • Bake gingerbread sims- 6 hours (again works with adult and can be started early)
  • Complete a cycle of life (goodbye senior sim!)
  • Have 4 sims in one house
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Have a baby- 1 day (can be started early)

Prize: Singing Salmon

Is the prize worth it? Yes it really is worth it! It makes it so much easier to keep your sims in a good mood but you have to wait for it to recharge before you can use it again. You can find it in the decorations section.

Where can I find it? In the decorations section

Costs: S1500

Still confused with life dreams? Read the tips post here and the guide to life dreams and orbs post here

Thanks for reading!

Please note this quest was correct at time of writing, it may change.

© COPYRIGHT PROTECTED .stealing is illegal.

Author: weightlessmagic

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872 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams & Legacies Quest

  1. Hi! First, I would like to say thank you so much for these posts, they’re really thorough and helpful. Second, when you click on the pet park/other things do you have to buy them, too?

  2. When the time comes of death for my sims do i have to kill them or can i just let them hang around?

  3. Can your new Sims have the same name as Sims who have died? Thanks in advance!

  4. Is there a way to delay the start of the quest other than not finishing the one before?

    Thank you for your diligence with this blog. You are the first and, so far, the last place I go for information.

  5. Sorry for the previous comment. I haven’t started the quest yet, but I wanted to know what happens after a sim dies, does it just disappear completely or is the a grave? Or a graveyard?
    Also I wanted to know if you think that i’ll get another chance to unlock the Latin Villa since i didn’t collect all the trophies in time.

  6. Hey, does the new baby cost some LP:s?? Sorry about my bad english!

  7. If I don’t complete any of the goals in the quest, will my sims still age and die?

  8. Hi I’m on the bird feeding quest at the moment. And I just wanted to know weather or not I should finish this quest. I love my sims sooooooooo much. I can’t even think about them dying! It makes me really sad. And also death in sims freeplay sounds more like a burden than anything. What has your expirience been with the automatic ageing? Is it worth it? Thanks!

    • I don’t have a problem with the dying anymore, I have got used to it but if you really don’t want your sims to die then just stay on the bird feeding quest for a while, you can always complete it and do the life dreams quest if you ever decide you want them to die.

  9. Is it worth it to give a personality/life dream to a sim that is already an adult when you completed the quest? I’m guessing they wont have time to complete enough to gain an orb.

  10. If I unlock the quest but don’t do any of the tasks, do my Sims still age?

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