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The Sims Freeplay- Night of the Candy Monsters Quest (Halloween 2015)



NOTE: You need to update your game to the Halloween version of the sims freeplay to start this quest

Details on the Halloween update can be found here

You have 9 days to complete this quest from the 20th October to unlock the halloween costume pack, if you don’t complete in the time limit you will not get the prize (information about the prize will be posted once I complete each stage of the quest)

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has.

First set: Complete the first set of goals to unlock the Fawn and Reanimated costume set for adults

    • Browse for a costume- 48 seconds (computer)


    •  Call a costume store- 4 minutes (phone)
    • Go to the park
    • Approach the purple monster- 2 seconds


    • Hide at the park- 2 hours 20 minutes (bench)


    • Talk to Misty in the park- 5 minutes


    • Watch the Halloween news- 19 hours (TV)
    • Talk to Misty again- 25 minutes
    • Practice scaring a sim- 8 seconds (select interaction between two sims)


    • Build courage- 5 hours (chair)


    • Collect candy pieces (5 times)- 5 hours (click on purple candy monster, you need to do this with 5 different candy monsters and 5 sims can do it at once- I had to close the game and open it again for the other 4 monsters to appear)


    • Wait for Xhours Xminutes (time depends on when you completed the first set) NOTE: you can skip this for 5 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.


Second set: Complete the second set of goals to unlock the Astronaut costume set for toddlers

    • Form a party plan- 5 minutes (interaction between two sims)


    • Send Halloween invitations- 12 minutes (computer)
    • Ask Misty for advice- 7 hours 30 minutes
    • Practice scaring- 8 seconds
    • Show off scaring skills- 8 hours 30 minutes (Misty)


    • Scare the orange candy monster- 8 seconds


    • Pout on a seat- 10 hours
    • Ask Misty what happened- 25 minutes
    • Collect candy pieces- 4 hours 30 minutes each (you need to collect 30 pieces- you find 2 each time so you need to scare 15 purple monsters to complete this goal- I had to do this in 3 sets because only so many appeared each time, if you can’t find enough close your game and open it again to see if more appear, if they still don’t you may have to wait a few minutes)


  • Wait for Xhours Xminutes (time depends on when you completed the first set) NOTE: you can skip this for 5 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Third set: Complete the third set of goals to unlock the wild Unicorn and Lion costume set for Preteens

    • Tell others about costumes- 4 minutes (computer)
    • Think of a solution- 8 hours (chair)
    • Take funny selfies- 1 hour 30 minutes (click on a sim)


    • Email selfies- 16 minutes (computer)
    • Joke with a sim- 5 minutes (select interaction between two sims)


    • Have nightmares- 9 hours (bed)


  • Collect candy pieces- 3 hours 30 minutes (100 candy pieces this time?!) TIP: You get 2 or 3 candy pieces each time but if you wait for the time to reach 1h 59m you can use 1LP to speed up each and get 5 candy pieces!
  • Wait for Xhours Xminutes (time depends on when you completed the first set) NOTE: you can skip this for 5 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Fourth set: Complete the fourth set of goals to unlock the Fairy and Scarecrow costume set for Teens

    • Ask about Halloween Party needs- 5 minutes (select interaction between two sims)
    • Check for food supplies-8 minutes (fridge)


    • Make roasted pumpkin- 9 hours (BBQ)


  • Buy a stereo
  • Turn on the stereo
  • Listen to spooky music- 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Ask Misty what to do-12 hours 30 minutes
  • Collect candy pieces- 2 hours 30 minutes (175!) TIP: You get 2 or 3 candy pieces each time but if you wait for the time to reach 1h 59m you can use 1LP to speed up each and get 6 candy pieces!
  • Wait for Xhours Xminutes (time depends on when you completed the first set) NOTE: you can skip this for 5 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Fifth set: Final set- unlocks the rest of the costumes (two more for each life stage except babies and seniors)

    • Show Misty scaring skills- 5 minutes
    • Send a sim to the park
    • Scare the orange monster- 8 seconds
    • Hide behind a park bench- 2 hours
    • Talk to Misty- 9 hours 30 minutes (at park)
    • Place candy on the ground- 2 hours 30 minutes (X at a house)


    • Send a sim to the park
    • Distract the orange candy monster- 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Place candy around the orange monster- 1 hour 25 minutes (on an x, only one sim needs to do this)


  • Scare the orange monster- 2 seconds
  • Hug the orange monster- 6 seconds
  • Have 4 sims in a home
  • Dance to spooky party music- 14 minutes (stereo)


Prizes- costumes once unlocked can be found in the wardrobe

First set: Fawn and Reanimated costumes for Adults

Second set: Astronaut costumes for Toddlers (same costumes for both genders)image

Third set: Unicorn (female) and Lion (male) costume set for Preteens

Fourth set: Fairy (female) and Scarecrow (male) costume set for Teens

Fifth set:

  • Toddlers- purple and orange candy monsters (both genders)
  • Preteen- Ghost (female) and Pirate Skeleton (male)
  • Teen- Zombie Cheerleader (female) and Viking (male)
  • Adult- Witch (female) and Dracula (male)


Thanks for reading!


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162 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Night of the Candy Monsters Quest (Halloween 2015)

  1. There’s too much thing to do here. I can’t plant now. And I need money to buy the swimming pool for “its all going swimmingly” 😢

  2. Is there a limit to how many sims you can have collecting candy pieces? As soon as I get to 8 sims collecting, there are no more candy monsters and the option is no longer available?

  3. I have a question when I am trying to go on my sisters sim town I can’t see her fire hydrant that she bought for me to complete my mission

  4. Is there a way tht I can visit your sim town without annoying you by trying to add you on Facebook? I like looking at others homes to get ideas for mine.

  5. I Finished the quest!😀

    To respawn the monsters you have to finish to collect on set of candy, then exit an reenter the house.

    I also have the exit the game glitch. The problem is avoided using the “home button” to exit the game.

  6. During the month of October I like to dress my Sims in Halloween costumes. However, the game is not letting me dress my Sims in any of the costumes that weren’t earned by this quest. Is anyone else experiencing these issues or know of a reason/solution?

  7. Hahahahaha, no one reads. I love how you said the same exact 4,000 times in the comments!

    Anyways as I’m sure you know you absolutely rock. I didn’t think you’d have this blogged so fast and BAM, you are on it!

  8. To speed up the “Scaring the Purple Monsters” section of the quests, i found that you can only get a max of FIVE monsters to appear at once at any one house and can only scare a total of six monsters total. If you have all of your sims scare the five at the first house and then go to another house, you can have another FIVE monsters appear and scare them. You have to be fast and select the option for all five monsters before yours Sims reach the monster, otherwise the extras run away and disappear. I usually accomplish this by positioning all the sims as far away from the mailbox area of the house where the monsters appear before selecting monsters for the sims to scare. Since it takes them awhile to walk to the monsters, im usually able to click on all the monsters before they try to run away and disappear. This way, I’ve been able to do ten candy-collections from monsters per round.

  9. You are so awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to do all this!

    I had all five cute little monsters and had everyone collect candy, then all the little monsters disappeared. My sims are still collecting the candy, but where did the monsters go? I have closed the app and opened it again many times. I guess I need to wait after the 4hours to see what happens? Has this happened to anyone else?

  10. First, your blog is an awesome help thanks!
    I’m up to the get 175 candies and freaking out! I have 2 days left and I’m only at 71% in the quest overall! I’ve used lots of LPs to complete previous tasks in this quest… Back to the kitchen for more, Sims!

  11. I feel like this event is never going to end, I know for positive that it wont finish. this is so frustrating.

  12. Firstly thank you for this blog. It comes in really handy.
    There is glitch in the wardrobes department since this update, you cannot change your sim adult girl into the fashion week dresses!

  13. Hey!!! Wad if we have already colleted 100candies to unlock the preteen costume,but i dun have a preteen yet will i still have the costume?

  14. Has anyone been having problems with visiting neighbours since the new update? I get a ‘Sims Free play has stopped’ message every now and then when trying to do any social point tasks – very annoying!

    My game keeps completely crashing my tablet too turning the whole thing off and when I go into Sims Freeplay my data is gone apart from what’s backed up to the cloud – I had 78 candy collected and now I’m down to 30 because of this! Obsessively backing up my game to the cloud now!!

    This quest is so long and repetitive – love the costumes and the way the sims move when wearing them but last years Halloween quest was so much better!

  15. I’ve reached the count of 100 candy for the goal , but i still have six sims collecting candy. Will the candy my sims find now just be gone or will it count against the next 175 candy goal while i”m busy cooking pumpkin and playing the stereo.

  16. I don’t get this sims I’ve only just got it how does it work?

  17. Sorry if you answered this already. Do inspired sims collect more candy? I’m on the second part of the task and I noticed some sims were collecting 3 pieces and others were only collecting 2.

  18. Is it my imagination, or are they really trying to wear down our LPs? These candy monsters are giving me a headache. I’ve got more candy monsters than people who are allowed to visit in one house and the rest of the town’s dead. Am I the only one who’s still having trouble? Love your site by the way! It really helps🙂

  19. This may help anyone who had to start the quest late get caught up. I found out that if you’re quick enough and have two properties with five Sims at each (total of ten), you can get ten Sims collecting candies. I only achieved that once, but I managed to get at least seven or eight on all the other tries and I’m not any faster than most people. If you don’t need to use all your collecting Sims to finish a set, it’s possible to use the remaining Sims’ candies on future sets, as long as you avoid those Sims until you get the next candy collection task. You will only get the former set’s lower amount of candies when you visit them, but it still helps a bit. If you’re willing to use a lot of LPs to finish the long tasks that are in between the candy monster visits, you can boost the number of candies you get from the prior set by finishing each Sim’s collection early.

  20. Tip: You can collect candies at neighbors houses who are also playing this quest too

  21. If we don’t finish on time do we get to keep all the costumes we’ve gotten so far?

  22. This quest it sooo long. I really want the costumes for the prize but I don’t think I can make it in time. 😞

  23. Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I found a glitch of sorts for collecting candy!
    When you go to a neighbors town, the game forces their sims out of whatever tasks they where doing. So I f you go to a neighbors town that has sims collecting candy, it forces them out of it and gives you the candy. Just leave, send your sim back to your town, and then go back and collect the candy again. I repeated this until I completed the goal! So glad I didn’t have to use my LP!

  24. Awesome as usual – thank you!

  25. What is the maximum amount of purple monsters that can be collected candy from at the same time?

  26. Hey, can someone help, please! After I was done with the Night of the Candymonsters, I received a notification “Pumped up for the next quest? Finish the ….” and I couldn’t see the rest of it! Anyone know what we need to do for the next quest?

  27. I have completed all the goals for the monsters hobby but I don’t have all the Halloween costumes .

  28. Hello! I just updated and play this quest today because i’ve been busy with midterm test for the past two weeks.

    And what i get here kinda make me confused… You said that the time limit is 6 days? But in my game it’s just freaking 1 day 😂 (I noticed the vip thingy and goes 😳)

    I want to ask, is that time limits affect to another quest? I havent finish that second floor of the mall, and kinda scared to start it because of this time limit($$$)

    Thankyou for your help and happy halloween!

  29. Hey how do you listen to spooky party music on a stereo? That’s the last thing I have to do.

  30. I wanted to say, thank you so much. Your site is the only one I visit when I need answers or a summary of quests. To be honest I do determine if a quest is worth to get done within the time limit, is going straight to the bottom of the page to read your thoughts if it’s worth it. I didn’t see your thoughts on this one, but I figured that since the rewards are free that it’s worth it.

  31. I’m sorry but I had to leave a comment about this. It makes me laugh my butt off. Okay people, could you PLEASE actually read the instructions/directions on what or how to do it, before asking her. Lmao I mean seriously she tells you in details what to do and how to do it, and some of you are still asking questions that obviously has already been answered. Like in her first paragraph. What do you guys do? Ignore all of her advice, scroll all the way down to ask a question that has already been answered. It’s a walkthrough page people, use your common sense. Why else would you go to a walkthrough page. Lol

  32. Is this quest required to complete?