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The Sims Freeplay- Boutique Hair Event




This event is only here for 7 days from the 15th May!

To get all 9 new long hair styles you need to complete the fashion designer hobby collection 9 times! You get a new hairstyle at random each time you complete it, once you unlock a hairstyle you get to keep it even if you don’t find them all. If you have never done thefashion designer hobby click here for details.

This is the second time this event has appeared so you will not get it if you have already completed it. If you got some last time you will start from the point you reached so if you got 5 last time you only need to complete the collection 4 times this time

You need to buy a fashion studio from the promotions r us store to complete this hobby

You need to firstly accept this quest, it will remove the fashion designs you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.

If you say no you can start it from the goal tab.

Once you have said yes you just have to complete the collection nine times in 7 days!




-have more than one sim working on it
-it is easier if you have all the sims in one house, maybe build a room for them so they are all together but you don’t have to!

-if you can, do the 10 minute option over and over, you will find the most designs this way (once you have a sim at level 6)
-have at least one sim at level 6 or working on getting to level 6 (maybe do 6 hour or 12 hour options) so all designs are unlocked (if you have previously completed the collection you do not need to get another sim to level 6 to complete this)
-remember to click start new collection on the fashion hobby collections list once you have got all the pieces
-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need.

Hairstyles: Can be found in the wardrobe under hair for free

There are 12 different colours of each hairstyle; Black, Blonde, Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Grey, Violet, Pink, Bleach Blonde, Orange, Dark Purple






These last two come in 14 colours!



That is all the hairstyles!

Click here for my Boutique Hairstyles Review 


Thanks for reading!


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88 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Boutique Hair Event

  1. Has this event started yet? Other then hearing about this event from you on your site, I have had no mention of it within my game. And i just made sure I have the most updated version.

    • Have you already completed this event? It has been on the game before

      • I just looked at my hairstyles and compared them to the prizes for this event and i guess I did complete this quest the last time it was available. 🙂 I was worried my games data could have lost the event or something, since I’ve been having issues with my device lately.

        Thanks again for this wonderful site and keep up the great work. You must put a lot of time and effort into the game and this site, and i just want to say, thank you. This site is a masterpiece, very well written and very detailed with every piece of information a player needs to know. Thank you for doing this, for all of us. 🙂

      • Oh good!🙂

        You’re very welcome and thanks! I really appreciate it🙂

  2. Whats the fastest way to get a sim to level 6? should I do the 10 minutes or longer ones? do you think it can be done in the time limit if non of my sims did the fashion design hobby before therefore they are all on level 1 now? I loove the new hairstyles but Im afraid I wont be able to complete the hobby once, not to mention 9 times😦

    • The fastest way would be to do the longer options as the 10 minute option does not increase their level by very much, once they are at level 6 you can then do the 10 minute option over and over to complete the collection quicker

      • I did the longer options with the chocolatier event, which was a new hobby. I used 1 sim and just kept using lp’s to complete it until I had all the items unlocked, then used the fastest option on all of them.

  3. P.S. I love your site! You are amazing for creating such a site that is so detailed helpful. Please keep up the great work. 🙂 You are my go to for anything Sims Freeplay relayed. 🙂

  4. Hello, thank you for making this post. I have a question. I would like to wait to start the event, and you said that if I declined, I could further access it from the Goals tab. If I decine, how much time do I have to access this event from the Goals tab before it disappears (if that happens)?

  5. Correct me if I am wrong but somehow all the hairstyles look the same in all the long hair events..

  6. Im kinda scared i wont get any hairstyles 😞

    • Don’t worry this event will probably be back again if you don’t manage to complete it this time but just keep going with it and hopefully you will get a few🙂

  7. Your blog is very helpful! Thankyou!

  8. Hi! Thanks again for the amazing post.
    As I do not have a lvl 6 designer I need to use 1 to crunch it up. If I get 1 to do the 12 hour thing and then speed it up with LPs do I get the level progression?

  9. To complete this quickly, shall I build a workhouse?. If so how do I build one?

  10. I’m having the same problem as cauldron. I haven’t completed this quest previously and it didn’t mention it in my game. I also have the latest version of the sims.

    • If you have the latest version of the game, firstly check in a wardrobe that you don’t have the hairstyles in this post because the event will not appear for you if you have.
      If they definitely aren’t there you will need to contact EA to see why this event hasn’t appeared for you and hopefully they will be able to fix this.

  11. I have a question about the time limits associated with the quests. I’m wondering if it is just my game or for everyone but when a quest starts for me, it generally says that I have X amount of days to complete it. However, unlike tasks that actually take 24 hours to complete (aka a whole “day”), the time limits for quests actually end after a “half” day, or 12 hours instead of 24. In example, the hair event began at midnight on 15th May. Now it is 16 May and 2pm where I live, and the event lists six days instead of seven. It should’ve lost a day at midnight tomorrow, right? I hope that makes sense. But, so does that mean we all have less time to complete them or is this just happening to me, and if it is happening to other people then is there any way to fix it? I would contact firemonkeys on the matter but I thought I would ask if others were experiencing the problem first. I hope that’s okay. Also I love your site. Cheers for all the help you do.🙂

    • There seems to be a problem with the time limits on these events recently where the time decreases too much on the first day so when you start at 12am you have 7 days but the time it gets to about 2pm on the same day it drops down to 6 days left so we all have the same amount of time but it isn’t the full 7 days as advertised. You could still contact them about this to see why that is or if they are even aware that this happens
      Thanks and you’re welcome!

      • I thought that might be it, and good to know it isn’t just me. I had sent them a ticket about the Baby Onesie Event and they were quite helpful with that – even going above and beyond, and replying to each and every message I posted until it was fixed. So I might definitely send them one about this and at least they will be aware if they’re not already.
        Thank you again and you’re welcome as well.🙂

  12. It always gives me the same clothes every time

  13. I absolutely love your blog! I’m an avid Sims Freeplay player and often consult your blog before I begin any quests or events: its such a lifesaver! I am a little confused on how the skill level and fashion pieces work. I have 2 Sims at level 6. I am working on getting my other sims to level 6 as well. But when I read your post, you say once the level 6 fashion pieces are unlocked you don’t need to get another sim to level 6? So does this mean even my beginner sims (only at level 1) can also get level 6 fashion pieces with the 10 minute option? Thanks so much!

    • Thanks! You only need one sim at level 6 to unlock all the collectibles so don’t waste time getting another sim there, all other sims can be level 1 and all sims can do the 10 minute option to complete the collection
      You’re welcome.

  14. Hello, the quest has showed up as ” coming soon!” And would show an ad for it sometimes when I open the app, it would also show on my goal tab, but it never ask to start it or anything, it recently just disappeared from my goal tab. What do I do? I never done this quest before.

  15. Has the lame death update ever been removed? I just got this game and I’m level 11 I’d hate to kill off my sims.

  16. Is it worth it to get more than one of my sims to level 6?
    I just want to be able to get them quicker

  17. This quest won’t appear anywhere for me.. I have never even started this quest or completed it so it’s not that. I have gotten some notifications in the game saying it’s available but it’s nowhere to be found in the actual game. I even cleared my data and re downloaded. Still not there. Help… I really want to complete this before it ends

    • If you have the latest version of the game, firstly check in a wardrobe that you don’t have the hairstyles in this post because the event will not appear for you if you have.
      If they definitely aren’t there you will need to contact EA to see why this event hasn’t appeared for you and hopefully they will be able to fix this.

      • EA helped me, sent a file to download. Thanks! I have one more hairstyle to get now. It’s those darn pink shoes that make it complicate it even though my hobby is level 6/6.

  18. I accidentally clicked “NO” when the quest showed up, and it hasn’t showed up ever since. I haven’t completed this quest before. Can you help me?

  19. Hey there. I need your help. For some reason my Sims Freeplay game refuses to activate any of the recent events, including this one. Everything else works fine, except for these mini events. Can you suggest anything? I have never done this event before and i’d loved to unlock these hairs just in case I ever get bored of the other styles. My iPad isn’t updated to the recent update, by the way, just thought i’d let you know.

  20. With the help of this post I unlocked all hairstyles in 2 days! Thank you so much!

  21. Hello. I know my question will be off topic but I couldn’t find your post about the Mysterious Island quest since it’s difficult to navigate and use android’s WordPress app. (Hope they would make the app better lol)

    So my sister is having trouble with the quest, she is on ‘Find the mysterious island on a globe’ task and I told her she needs to buy a globe that costs 10000 simoleons. The only problem is she doesn’t have enough simoleons (knowing her, she wouldn’t spend real money for fake money), and she only has 18hrs left. She has a lot of tasks to do. I suggested that she do the task on my town, bc I have a globe. So, my question is, is it possible to do that task on a neighbor’s town? If yes, I think it’s too late for her to complete the task on time. Haha TIA!

  22. Thanks to your blog i have been able to complete quests in time. I am very greatful for all the work you put into your blog to help us complete quests. By any chance do you have a game center account or Facebook? Im stuck on the social task to jump on a neighbors diving board but no one seems to have one? Nor do they have a swim center. I don’t know if it could be done there but yea. It would be greatly if you could help me out. Thanks. Btw, my username is noemi2561. If anyone else can help me, i would really appreciate it.

  23. I just finished this one… yay! I think somehow I missed it before though, because I didn’t have any of them😦

    If there is a quest like this, and it’s been completed, does it just not show up the next time? I’m thinking that may have happened with the ringlets of fire one for me, but I’m not sure.

  24. Anyone else’s quest disappear? I was working on it and now it’s gone.

  25. I completed this event the last time it came around, but just wanted to say how much I commiserate with everyone who is trying to find those elusive pink shoes. They are so hard to get! Good luck all!

  26. Hi!

    I saw your post first now. I just have 2 sims doing the hobby, so will probably don’t get the hair styles.. I am missing the 2 last ones and have around 50% of 5/6 in the hobby.

    Do u think it will come again? Really really want the hair styles..

  27. Currently I have one sim at level 5 but none in level 6 and I have unlocked everything except for the last 2..any suggestions to make my sim get to level 6 faster?

    • Do either the 12 hour option or the longest option to get them to level 6 quickly, then you can do the 10 minute option once they are at level 6 to complete the collection quickly.

  28. Just finished collecting all the new hairstyles.
    Thank you so much for this site, you’re the best!

  29. Hi thegirlwhogames, do you now have an active facebook? I want to add you as my neighbor

  30. I haven’t gotten one full collection yet ! I have a lvl 6 sim .. And still need the last clothing item 😭 I’m in a panic because there is only 4 days left of this event .. I’ve used about 50 Lo trying to get that 1 sim to lvl 5 on the first day .. And still… Not a complete set !! Should I have two sims at lvl 6😦 this is soo not working out for me ! LOl

  31. Have spent first 5 days of quest trying to get to level 6. Used12 hr option. Nearly there!

  32. Hi.. your blog had helped me so much. Thank you!! You are so amazing.. I always thinking how cool you are. My favorite game wouldnt be successful without you. I just started this game last year and never had this quest since I’ve started. I’ve been waiting for it to come again, it’s may 17 now and its still not showing up. Do you know when will it start? Thank you i hope u will relpy🙂

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad it helps and thank you!
      Do you have the latest version of the game? If you do but still don’t have this event, you will need to contact EA to see why this event hasn’t appeared for you and hopefully they will be able to fix this

  33. They are not kidding when they say the pink shoes are rare! I have everything and have designed over 100 items and still haven’t found the pink shoes! 😩 I have all the hairstyles except 3 now. I have 10 fashion designers working. They are all at level 6 now. How many does everyone else have?

  34. When I did this quest on my phone, I unlocked all the hairstyles but playing on my tablet, I still haven’t unlocked any & I’m using just about every Sim I have.

  35. This quest doesn’t appear for me either, I get notifications to do it and once I click on it to get started, it doesn’t appear? ): It also said I had two more days to complete the quest but yet I can’t go on it. However, the spa quest is still available for me but I already completed it.

  36. HELPPPPPPPPPPP! I can’t access my hair boutique event. In my notification it says that i can start collecting the hairstyles but when I start collecting all I can see is 3 life points and no hairstyles to collect. Now I only have a day left, what can I do?

    • If you have the latest version of the game, firstly check in a wardrobe that you don’t have the hairstyles in this post because the event will not appear for you if you have.
      If they definitely aren’t there you will need to contact EA to see why this event hasn’t appeared for you and hopefully they will be able to fix this.

  37. Thank you so much for all of your walkthroughs, the are extremely helpful! They really need to increase the drop rate of the chi chi heels. I have 7 people working on this all the time and have to go through around 10 full cycles of all 7 working before I get the shoes to drop once. So frustrating.

  38. I have ‘3 days’ left and am new to sims free play. I had no idea how to complete this quest until now and I only have 1 Sim at level 2. Will there still be enough time to get them to level 6 and unlock hairstyles without me sitting at my screen every 10 minutes? Or how often does this quest come back around? I would really like to be able to unlock some. Thanks.

    • If you do the longest option you may get to level 6 in the time but probably won’t get many of the hairstyles, but don’t worry, events like these come back a lot, there is no set time when they will come back though so you will just have to wait and see but make sure you get a sim to level 6 even if the event finishes, then you can complete it easier next time, but you will have to do the 10 minute option quite a bit if you want all the hairstyles in the time limit.

  39. Hey I found the problem, if this event is showing up, make sure you completed weekly tasks. If this event still doesn’t show up then I don’t know what else to say! But it worked for me after completing my weekly tasks🙂

  40. I keep getting the Fishersim’s things and it’s SO ANNOYING I don’t ever get anything else!

  41. why start a new collection once you’ve got all the pieces?

  42. I just downloaded the thing yesterday. Will i get this event AND the spa event?😢😢😢