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STORED AN ITEM IN YOUR INVENTORY BUT CANNOT FIND IT? You haven’t unlocked the item yet so you need to complete a certain quest to unlock the tabs in buy mode and the item should reappear in your inventory

How do I contact EA? Read this post on how to contact them

There are a few glitches, as you expect in each update of the sims freeplay, this page will contain all the ones that I know about right now (if you know of more, please let me know so I can add them!)



Added 7th January

  • While completing the a puppy odyssey quest the puppy disappears- you will need to contact EA about this to see if they can fix this for you

Added 3rd April

  • The game isn’t recognising when you complete some goals right now- you could contact EA and let them know a goal doesn’t work or you could try skipping with LPs or if it is a weekly task you could wait for the next update as it will complete the goal for you when you update your game.

Added 20th April

  • Timed hobby events has been ending before the time limit is actually up so a lot of players are missing out on the prizes- if you have had this issue you will need to contact EA and they should be able to sort it out for you


Added 30th July

  • Cannot complete the Royal Lineage Quest as footprints appear- this appears to be a glitch in the latest update, you will need to contact EA about this issue to see if they can fix this for you
  • Town value increases when visiting a neighbour- you are just getting your neighbours town value and any rewards for reaching that town value milestone


Added 8th September

  • Simtracker Issue:

Some players are unable to see the progress or see incorrect progress of their sims task in the simtracker.

EA/ Firemonkeys have said:

‘We are currently aware of a Known Issue where the progress bar inside the Simtracker may not update or change, despite a Sim being at work or performing an action/task. The actions of the Sims are otherwise not affected.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.’

  • Horses still stuck:

Some players horses are stuck in the stable walls and are unable to interact with them.

EA/Firemonkeys have said:

‘All players that have submitted tickets as a Known Issue: Horse Stuck in Stable Walls have had their horses fixed. If you have missed out, please submit a ticket for assistance!’

  • Hospital being built too early causing players to be unable to go back to downtown to complete construction:

Please read this page on the Firemonkeys website for more information on this fix

  • Error 111: General Error popup when trying to access the online store:

EA/Firemonkeys have said:

‘We are unable to provide direct help as we are still investigating the cause of the issue.

We encourage players to follow this article (click this link) to receive updated information as we learn more.

Pretty Little Planters Quest has started early and I cannot complete it- you will need to contact EA about this issue as I am unable to fix technical issues- give this post on the Firemonkeys website a read for more information on this issue


How do I contact EA? Read this post on how to contact them

826 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. I just received an email from Tech Support also blaming me for cheating, I have never once changed my clock, and was asleep when the glitch happened. Not thrilled with there customer support at the moment. They should fix the glitches instead of blaming people for something that was a glitch in there game.

    • I spoke to someone at EA about this the other day to see what was going on, she told me that the issue for the timed hobby events ending early still hasn’t been fixed because it is a complex issue, she also said that a large number of reports coming through are from those who have cheated but they are aware that not everyone has cheated.
      I suggest if you definitely have not cheated then keep telling them this, I had this issue myself with the sleepwear event ending early and I have never used a cheat so I know that not everyone with this issue has cheated.

  2. Since I have installed the new downtown upgrade I cannot access the mall.I click on it and the game shuts down 😞

  3. This is a bit funny, but my sim vomited on the fishing pier and I can’t get him to clean it up. Whenever I click it, it just gives the fishing options. Guess I’m stuck with a permanent vomit mess in the park. Hmm. Free fish bait?

  4. How long does TS normaly take to fix an issue. I already contacted them about my issue (with the sunset mall quest without having mall built) but im alittle anxious and was wonder how everyone elses wait time was taking.

  5. My game won’t start up it just says waiting…. I hate to give it up I’m on level 53.

  6. Hiya, this is an issue that I keep having when my animal finatic sim is working on their life orb and playing frisbee with a dog. My sim regularly throws the frisbee into the pool. Both the sim and dog stay frozen with the progress bar not moving. They stay this way until I move the frisbee from the pool and then the action cancels and I need to start again.
    just a tip so no one wastes time like I have.

  7. I changed all of my sims’ clothes yesterday, yet they’re all in their previous outfits. I can see what I changed my sims into on the sim tracker, but once I go to my sim, he/she is wearing their outfit from a week ago. This has been going on for a week or so but I’m now taking notice. Do you know what to do?

    • Are you changing their clothes while they are doing a task? I have heard if you do this the outfit changes back to how it was previously, try changing their outfits when they aren’t doing an action.

  8. I had a little planters quest tho i dont have a mall. I reported it already but I still see no solution to my problem. How long will it take for me to wait?

  9. My phone glitched and kicked me off FreePlay 3x in a row. I restarted my phone and opened sims back up. All of my sims tasks were cancelled and now one of my sims is a completely different person. When I sent my sims to “wardrobe” she looked like the original, when I click out she is the different sim..

  10. I had the horse stuck in stable wall issue with my 100 lp unicorn. I deleted my unicorn because I didn’t know it was a glitch. I should have checked your page before I deleted him.😦
    Another glitch I have is with snowboarding at the snow park. It will never complete the task whenever I do it. No matter where I do it, in my town or a neighbor’s town it never completes and I have to spend 10 lp’s to skip the task.
    I also am unable to complete the play frisbee with dog because it cancels out if I’m doing it for my animal fanatic life orb.
    I haven’t contacted fire monkey help desk with any of these issues because I feel as though they need too much information, that i don’t even know, just to ask them to fix something. So I thought I would come here and complain. Thank you for listening. I love your page it is extremely helpful and very well put together! Have a good day.🙂

  11. The game has quit several times tonight. Twice when I got back on, all my sims’ activities were cancelled, and the cops and movie workers’ task counts were back to 0. Grr!

  12. I’ve been playing for about a year, suddenly the game crashes every time I launch it. The first time it crashed was after I went to check on a Sim in a neighbors town. Now it won’t launch at all. This sucks!

    • Have you tried restarting your device? If you are still having problems, contact EA to see if they can help you out.

      • There are ton’s of people having this crashing issue while visiting neighbors after this years Halloween update. I troubleshooted it quite a bit and found a workaround that works at least for me..

        If you are stuck with the startup-crash bug you may need to delete all of the stored data related to the game, then uninstall the game, restart the phone and reinstall the game. It is important to do all of these steps, I have tested many combinations and it seems that all of these things need to be done in that order to fix the bug.

        The bug will happen again if you continue to visit a neighbors town and possibly has something to do with the Halloween event, particularly the portion with the little monsters or whatever.

        Hope this helps somebody, it was very aggravating and took me a week to figure out.

  13. My sims is stuck in neighbor home and when I try yo bring it back the game crashes please advice

  14. Since the last update (Halloween 2016) my game crashes when I visit a neighbour, which is quite annoying since I need the sim that’s on a visit for a quest. Any suggestions? Love your site, by the way. Awesome job, thank you!

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